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Final Fantasy 4 Items

[Name        Effect                    Cost]

Recovery    Other        Scenario

  Recovery Items
Cure 1        Recovers some Hp to one person        30
Cure 2        Resotres more Hp to one person        150
Cure 3        Restores even more Hp to one person    3000
Ether1        Restores some Mp to one person        10000
Ether2        Restores more Mp to one person        50000
Elixir        Restores full Hp and Mp            100000
Life        Revives a swooned ally            150
Heal        Heals abnormal status            100
Tent        Restores Hp and Mp for party at saves    200
Cabin        Better version of Tent            1000

  Other Items
Carrot        Calls Big Chocobo if it smells liek Chcoco.1000
Whistle        Calls the Big Chocobo at any place    20000
Fire Bomb    Fire attack to all enemies        NA
Lit - Bolt        Thunder attack to all enemies        NA

  Scenario Items
Package    Given to you by King Baron        NA
Sand Ruby    Heals Rosa's fever            NA
Baron [Key]    Unlocks the way to Baron Castle        NA    
Twin Harp    Given to you by Edward            NA
Earth [Crystal]    One of the four crystals            NA
Magma    [Key]    Opens up the Underground        NA
Tower [Key]    Opens up the way to the Supercannon    NA
Lucca [Key]    Opens up the Sealed Cave        NA
Darkness [Crstl]    One of the four dark crystals        NA
Crystal        Use to Zemus' true form            NA    

Optional Scenario Items
Pass        Use it to enter a secret place        A lot
Pan        Find Yang and hit him w/ it his wife said soNA
Rat [Tail]    Give to to the guy by Silvera for Adamant    NA
Pink [Tail]    Give it to the guy by Silvera for Adm. Armr    NA
Adamant    Give it to the Dwarf Blacksmith for a SwordNA