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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Heart Pieces   |   The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time How to Get The Biggoron Sword
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Heart Pieces
Link's life energy is shown in hearts when they run out, you're defeated. Link starts with three hearts and gains one from each dungeon master he defeats, giving you at the end of the game, eleven hearts out of twenty. Ouch that's really not that much that's be like tryign to beat Final Fantasy 8 with only abotu 5,000 Hp instead of 9.,999. That's why it's important to collect heart pieces, for every four you collect you'll get a heart added to your life meter. There are a total of thirty-two heart pieces bringing Linkt o a total of tweny hearts on his life meter.

C= Child Link    A=Adult Link    E= Either as a child or as an adult
B= Need to do requirements both as a child and as an adult to get it

1. C
In Lon Lon Ranch there's a tower of to the far side of the ranch go inside it and push he crates to reveal a small hole in the side of the wall, have Link crawl under it and in the next room you'll find a heart piece.

2. B
As a child plant a magic been in the mouth of Dodongo's cavern as an adulta beanstalk will have grown there, climb the stalk to reach the heart piece.

3. E
Near the edge of Hyrule Field in the section that leads to Lake Hylia, there is a fenced in area put a bomb near teh center of it and [if it's placed in the right spot] it will uncover a hole that leads to a small area with a heart piece.

4. E
Near the north side of Lon Lon Ranch there is a tree. Bomb that tree you'll find a hole. Inside that hole is a heart piece.

5. E
As a child go to the top of Death Mountain and have the owl take you back to the village he'll drop you on a rooftop jump off to the awnign below and enter the house to get a pieceof heart. As an adult you can reach the awning with Long Shot.

6. E
There is a man on a rooftop in Kakaricko village speak to him and he'll give you  a heart piece. It's easiest to reach him as an adult using Long shot.

7. C
Speak to Dampe and play his digging game if you're lucky he'll dig up a heart piece.

8. A
After gettign the Hookshot from Dampe's ghost once again head to the end of his tunnel you should end up in the windmill. Jump from the rafter to rafter until you reach the otherside where a heart piece awaits.

9. A
After gettign the Hookshot from Dampe once again complete his race this time in under a minute, you'll be rewarded with a heart piece.

10. E
Defeat 50 Golden Skultulas and go to the Skultula house in kakaricko you're prize will be a heart piece.

11. B
As a child plant a Magic bean in a corner fo the graveyard near kakaricko return as in adult and it will lead to a heart piece.

12. E
In the Graveyard move a certain tombstone to uncover a hidden area housing a heart piece.

13. C
In Zora's river play the Song of Storms for the mult-colored frogs and they'll give you a heart piece.

14. C
Play enough different songs for the frogs and they'll let you play a bug-eating game. You'll get a heart piece from it.

15. E
In Zora's river there's a heart piece that youhave t jump down to get, use the Cucco near the river to reach it.

16. E.
In Zora's river near the enterence to Zora's domain, you can see a nearby heart piece if you look around. You can reach it once again with the cucco or as an adult with the hover boots.

17. C
Win the treasure box game in Hyrule City. At teh end is a treasure box contaiing a heart piece. It's easy to win if you use the lense of truth.

18. C
If you win at Bombchu Bowling you'll be given random prizes, one of which is a heart piece.

19. C
A lady in Hyrule City has lost her dog. Her dog is near the bazaar return him to her and she'll give you a heart piece.

20. C
In the Lost Woods you'll find a skull kid in a sunlit grove, play Saria's song for him and he'll reward you with a heart piece.

21. C
Find a group of two skull kids and whip out your ocarina. They'll ask you to copy the songs they play if you do it right then you'll get a heart piece.

22. C
In Zora's domain there is a hidden chamber behind a waterfall, light a deku stick and then go into that chamber behinf the waterfall light al the torches in there and a treasure box will appear containing a heart piece.

23. A
At Zora's fountain there are soem floatign ice burgs. On one of them is a piece of hert leap from from ice burg to ice burg until you reach it.

24. A
In the Ice Cavern there is a heart piece trapped in a mass of red ice, use some blue fire to melt the ice.

25. A
In Zora's fountain equip the Iron Boots and Zora's Tunic ans walk around the bottom of the lake until you find a sunken heart piece.

26. E
It's easier to get this one as an adult. Inside Death Mountain crater there is a cravice in the side of one fo the mountain walls. Inside the small opening is a heart piece.

27. B
Have Link plant a Magic bean as a child near the lakesdie laboratory. As an adult it will lead you to a heart piece.

28. E
Near Gerudo Valley there is a river [the one the bridge lets you cross] which eventually leads into lake Hylia. In this river there is a giant waterfall behind it is a heart piece.

29. E
Oposite the waterfall mentioned in number 28, there is a small ledge juttign out of the side of the canyon wall [it has a few crates on it so you can know which one I'm talkign about]. Use a Cucco to leap down from the bridge onto it. The ledge conatians a heart piece.

30. A
On the roof of Gerudo Fortress is a treasure box containign a heart use hook shot to reach it.

31.  A
In the Gerudo Fortress score1,000 points or higher to win a heart piece.

32. B
Have Link as a child plant a Magic Bean near the spirit temple. As an adult the beanstalk will lead you to a heart piece.