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Final Fantasy 5 Weapons
Swords        Spears        Katanas    Axes        Knives
Bows        Harps        Rods        Staves        Whips
        Bells        Boomerangs    Throwing

Note: Weapons in bold indicate one of the twelve legendarty weapons. Keep in mind that just because it is one of the twelve legendary ones does not neccesarily mean that it is the strongest of it's type.

Thr = Can be thrown in battle
MS= Can use Magic Sword with it equipped
2h = Can be used with two hands [to double it's power]
2hr = 2 hands are required to use the weapon [power is not doubled]
2xJ= Double the damageon Jump attacks
Bck= Attack from row without losing power or accuracy
NA = No notes on that weapon

Name        Attack +    Notes

Broadsword    12        Thr, MS, 2h
Long Sword    19        Thr, MS, 2h
Mythril Sword    28        Thr, MS, 2h
Coral Sword    34        Thr, MS, 2h
Ancient Sword    40        Thr, MS, 2h, May cast Old
Half Moon    46        Thr, MS, 2h, May Cast Sleep
Regal Cutlass    54        Thr, MS, 2h
Rune Edge    57        Can do 2h critical hit by using Mp
Blood Sword    81        Mag.+ 5, May cast Red Feast
Flame Saber    60        MS, 2h, Fire elemental
Blizzard        62        MS, 2h, Ice elemental
Excalipur    97        Rarely hits, CAUSES NO DAMAGE
Brave Blade    Varies        The less you run in battle stronger it is
Chicken Knife    Varies [Is a Swd]The more you run in battle stronger it is
Defender    96        Thr, Defends against random attacks
Enchanter    99        MS, 2h, Mag. + 3
Excalibur    107        Thr, MS, 2h, Holy elemental, Vigor + 5
Ragnarok    137        Thr, MS, 2h

Spear        18        Thr, 2xJ
Mythril Pike    27        Thr, 2xJ
Trident        35        Thr, 2xJ
Wind Lance    44        Thr, 2xJ, Wind elemental
Short Spear    51        Thr
Javelin        52        Thr, 2xJ, Vigor +1
Partisan    59        Thr, 2xJ
Double Lance    61        Thr, Attacks twice
Holy Lance    106        Thr, 2xJ, Holy elemental
Dragon Lance    116        Thr, 2xJ, Double the power on dragons

Katana        39        Thr, 2h
Wind Sowrd    41        Thr, 2h, Wind elemental
Bizen's Pride    48        Thr, 2h
Kotetsu        55        Thr, 2h
Ichimonji    84        Thr, 2h
Monster Killer    94        Thr, 2h
Masamune    104        Thr, 2h, Always get the first strike
Strato        117        Thr, 2h

Battle Axe    20        Thr, 2h
Mythril Hammer    25        2h
Cleaver        30        2h
War Hammer    35        Thr, 2h
Death Sickle    40        Thr, 2h, May cast Doom
Poison Axe    45        Thr, 2h, May cast Poison
Earth Hammer    55        Thr, 2h, May cast Quake
Rune Axe    68        Thr, can use 2h crit. hit by using Mp
Thor's Hammer    78        2h, Bck

Knife        4        Thr, MS
Dirk        11        Thr, MS
Mythril Knife    20        Thr, MS
Ninja Knife    26        Thr, MS, Spd. + 1, Only Ninjas can eqip
Mage Slasher    28        Thr, May cast Mute
Hunting Knife    33        Thr, Defends against random attacks
Halcyon Blade    38        Thr, MS
Cluster        43        Thr, MS, Speed + 1
Air Lancet    53        Thr, MS, Wind elemental
Thief Knife    63        MS, Spd. + 1, May use Mug attack
Man Eater    86        Vig. +2, Stm. + 2, Mag. + 2, Spd. + 2
Assassin    78        Thr, MS, Often casts Doom
Sasuke        96        Thr, MS

Silver Bow    35        2hr, Bck
Fire Bow    36        2hr, Bck, Fire elemental
Ice Bow        36        2hr, Bck, Ice elemental
Lightining Bow    36        2hr, Bck, Bolt elemental
Dark Bow    40        2hr, Bck
Crossbow    49        2hr, Bck, On critical hits it is auto-death
Elfin Bow    53        2hr, Bck
Gale Bow    66        2hr, Bck, May use Super Shot attack
Magic Bow    -3        2hr, Bck, Increase Magic power
Ab Splitter    89        2hr, Bck
Yoichi's Bow    98        2hr, Bck, Vigor + 3, Speed + 3
Artemis        108        2hr, Bck

Silver Harp    12        2hr, Bck
Dream Harp    22        2hr, Bck, May cast Sleep
Lamia's Harp    32        2hr, Bck, Same effect as Tempt song
Apollo's Harp    42        2hr, Bck, Double the pwr. on dragons

Wooden Rod    1        Bck
Fire Rod    13        Bck, Fire elemental, Increases Fire dam.
Ice Rod        13        Bck, Ice elemental, Increases Ice dam.
Lightining Rod    13        Bck, Bolt elemental, Increases Bolt dam.
Poison Rod    29        May Cast Poison, Increases Pois. dam.
Power Rod    27        Bck, Mag. + 3
Wonder Wand    -3        Bck, Mag. +2, Casts Return as an Item
Magus Rod    37        Pwr. of all elemental spells increases

Staff        6        NA
Flail        13        2h, Bck
Healing Staff    37        Attacks recover Hp instead of damaging
Power Staff    -3        Vigor + 5
Lumino Staff    42        Magic + 2
Mace        47        2h, Bck
Sage Staff    50        Increases Holy damage
Judgement Staff    57        Holy elemental

Whip        23        Bck, May paralyze the target
Shock Whip    39        Bck, Paralyze, Bolt elem., May cast Bolt
Chain Whip    49        Bck, May paralyze the target
Beast Killer    69        Bck, Paralyze, Double power on beasts
Fire Bute    79        Bck, Fire elemental, Vig. + 2, Spd. + 2
Dragon Beard    89        Bck, Double the power on dragons

Monster Bell    21        Bck
Earth Bell    32        Bck, Earth elemental
Rune Chime    42        Bck, Deals critical hit using Mp
Tinkerbell    52        Bck, May cast Sleep

Moon Ring    32        Bck
Razor Ring    68        Bck

Shuriken    Can't equip    Throw for high damage
Magi Shuriken    Can't equip    Throw for higher damage
Fire Skill    Can't equip    Throw for fire attack against all enemies
Ice Skill        Can't equip    Throw for water att. against all enemies
Lightining Skill    Can't equip    Throw for bolt attack against all enemies
Ash        Can't equip    Throw to automatically defeat an enemy