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Super Mario RPG Review
Super Mario RPReleased in Late 1996
32 Megabits [Super NES]
4 Save Files
SNES Mouse Compatible:No
SNES Super Scope Compatible:No
Approx. Playing Time:35 Hours
Preview:Bowser has once gain kidnapped Princess Toadstool and it is up to Mario to save her. As he battles Bowser at his castle a massive sword splits the sky and sinks into the castle declaring that it's master shall now rule this castle, the impact of the blast sneds the three characters [Mario, Bowser and Toadstool] flying in different directions. Mario's quest then takes an unexpected turn where he must retrieve the seven mysterious start pieces in orderto repair the star road and defeat the enemy that is behinf the takeover of Bowser's castle.
Note: Difficulty has no outcome on the game's final grade.

These graphics are very, very impressive for the SUper NES. 3-D graphics that would be even considered good for early Nintendo 64 games. The characters can get a bit fuzzy if you don't have good picture on your TV, but the backgrouns and spell effects are awsome.

The sound is great, typical music for a Mario game but with somewhat of a Squaresoft twist on it. The original Super Mario Bros. theme is even on the game.

Play Control=9.5
Very easy tog et used to the controls use the basic setup for Super NES games. The timing for special attacks, mini games and the like is pretty easy as well.

Specials, Inginuity, and Replay=9.5
A very inovative game with many, many, many secrets and sidequests.Heck, a few of them you're sure to miss the first time through unless you have the Player's Guide but unlike the newer FF games each of these sidequests actually hold a good reward for you when you beat them.

Challenge=7.2 Difficult Level
The game can be challening for begginers but is still easy enough that they can adjust to it. Yet somehow it is still appealaing and poses a bit of a challenge to veteren RPG players.

This game is just amazing. It is the perfect blend of Nintendo and Squaresoft's amazing talents. It's a deep enough RPG with enough sidequests, secretsand tough spots  that even the most experienced RPG player's will like it, yet still easy enough that beginners can have fun with it too. One of the ten greatest RPGs of all time in my opinion.

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