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Super Mario RPG Characters Detailed Descriptions
Mario    Mallow    Geno    Bowser    Toadstool

About The Character Ratings
Okay with the characters I have two character ratings. The first one is the character's base stats [without equipment] the second set of ratings are with their best equipment [not including accessories, which there can be lots of debate about which is best]. So really, since you're going to be using the characters with their best equipment [once you get it], then you should go be the second set of numbers. The ratings are pretty accurate on who's the best characters and such. Just remember that mario always has to be in your party, which is alright anyways becuase even though he is tied with Mallow, I's say that Mario is slightly better.

The ratings are based on a scale from 1 to 10 [10 being the best].

Stats at Level 30
Hp: 255            Spd. 20
Att. 217            Def. 133
Mag. Att. 94        Mag. Def. 94

Mario's rating compared to other character's stats:
Stats name:    Hp    Att    Def    Mag    Mdf    Spd    Overall
W/o Equip:    10.0    6.6    6.6    7.0    7.0    6.7    7.3
With Equip:    10.0    8.7    8.0    7.0    7.6    6.7    8.0
Overall without equipment: 7.3
Overall with best equipment 8.0

Mario is probably the third most valuable charcter to your party. Geno and Toadstool being the only two that outrank him in usefullness. Mario's six spells are really just different versions of two types of abilities. jumping and fireball-shooting. His Super Jump ability is awesome, the second strongest out of all the attacking spells [Geno Whirl being the strongest], becuase you can hit an enemy multiple times. Just time it right and you can hit an enemy up to 100 times. Of course for each aditional Jump the amount it inreases by becomes not as noticible . His regular attacks are pretty strong too. He doesn't really have any weak points, but besides a ton of Hp, he doesn't have any real strong points either.

Stats at Level 30
Hp: 201            Spd. 18
Att. 180            Def. 125
Mag. Att. 136        Mag. Def. 95

Mallow's rating compared to other character's stats:
Stats name:    Hp    Att    Def    Mag    Mdf    Spd    Overall
W/o Equip:    7.8    5.7    6.0    10.0    9.5    6.0    7.5
With Equip:    7.8    7.2    7.6    10.0    9.7    6.0    8.0
Overall without equipment: 7.5
Overall with best equipment 8.0

Mallow isn't quite as good as Toadstool as far as their stats go, but he has the best attacking magic out of anyone [that is all around he has the best, it's true that if you are really good at timing it Super Jump and Geno Whirl are better but still for the most part he has the best]. His Hp Rain will also act as your healing magic until you get Toadstool on your team. Most peopel may think that the Princess would beat him in the magic department but hsi Magic Attack rating is actually the highest out of anyone's. His regular attacks are the weakest of the lot however, whichs ort of makes up for it, and considering that he's a short, stout little fellow, it's easy to see why he has the second lowest speed out of the group. Still, when your facing enemies that you'll use Magic against than he's your best choice. Also, if nothign else his Psychopath ability, though it really poses no strategic power [it shows how much Hp the enemy has left] it's pretty useful so that ypu knw just how much lief that enemy has left in him.

Stats at Level 30
Hp: 205            Spd. 30
Att. 250            Def. 165
Mag. Att. 106        Mag. Def. 93

Geno's rating compared to other character's stats:
Stats name:    Hp    Att    Def    Mag    Mdf    Spd    Overall
W/o Equip:    8.0    10.0    9.7    7.8    7.5    10.0    8.8
With Equip:    8.0    10.0    10.0    7.8    7.6    10.0    8.9
Overall without equipment: 8.8
Overall with best equipment 8.9

Geno is, simply put, the strongest character in the game. He has plenty of strong points and his only downfall is his low Hp which is even lower than the Princess'. His Speed is the highest out of anyone's meaning that he'll get the first hit in every time you fight an enemy. And he has the highest attack power in the game, [base Attack and with his best wepon, the Star Gun]. He even beats out Bowser in that category. He has very strong magic attacks, although they don't have any elemental quality to them they work well against most enemies. his Geno boost ability will let him further boost his or any ally's attack power and his Geno Whirl, will if you time it right, take off 9,999 hit points from the target, guaranteeing a one hit defeat. It even works on some weak bosses. Wiith his awesome spells, matchless Speed, and strong attack power, Geno is defintely the best all around character, except for the Hp dpeartment [his gret defense though just about makes up for it], but if you have plenty of recovery items then that won't matter much.

Stats at Level 30
Hp: 242            Spd. 15
Att. 204            Def. 156
Mag. Att. 87        Mag. Def. 90

Bowser's rating compared to other character's stats:
Stats name:    Hp    Att    Def    Mag    Mdf    Spd    Overall
W/o Equip:    9.4    9.0    10.0    6.4    7.8    5.0    7.9
With Equip:    9.4    8.2    9.4    6.4    7.3    5.0    7.6
Overall without equipment: 7.9
Overall with best equipment 7.6

Bowser is a touch character, but not really the best at anything. He has the second highest Hp, Attack and Defense. Coming just barely second in each, but his Magic abilites and Speed leave something to be desired. He's like Geno, but with Geno's Speed and Magic sacrificed for more Hp. He's best for areas like some parts of Bowser's castle [such as behind the two doors that lead to long fighting areas] where you must face numerous enemies but can't afford to use Magic against all of them. But very, very rarely will you want to use Bowser in place of Geno. His only place is when you need to good fighters instead of a magic user. His magic can invoke staus effects but not much damage at all.  Sure being able to finally control Mario's arch nemesis is cool, but he's not the all out awesome character that you'd expect,that's Geno. instead Bowser is a slower fighter, good for long areas where you'll face many, many fights or for enemies that deal lots of physical damage [such as Jinx].

Stats at Level 30
Hp: 219            Spd. 24
Att. 210            Def. 130
Mag. Att. 128        Mag. Def. 123

Mario's rating compared to other character's stats:
Stats name:    Hp    Att    Def    Mag    Mdf    Spd    Overall
W/o Equip:    8.6    6.2    6.4    9.4    10.0    8.0    8.1
With Equip:    8.6    8.4    7.9    9.4    10.0    8.0    8.7
Overall without equipment: 8.1
Overall with best equipment 8.7

Toadstool may be a Princess, but she's certainly not helpess. Most people would think that she has low Attack and Defense power like magic users in most RPG's. It's true that she has pretty low Hp, but her normal attacks are almost as strong as Mario's. However, her mediocre attack is pretty much useless since you have Bowser, Geno and Mario who all have stronger ones.So it'd make sense since she's her healer that you'd want her to stay alive at all costs, because you can onyl carry so many Mid Mushrooms qnd Pick Me Ups, and if you were to run out then she's your only means of recovery. So what it is more important to do, is to get the Lazy Shell Armor and give it to her, it will boost her defense to about 215. Making her nearly immune to damage however, it takes away 50 points from her Attack, Magic Attack and Speed. So Mario, Bowser and Geno wouldn't be good for this since their physical attack is where most of their strength lies. And it woudl take away too much from Mallow's Magic power. But Toadstool, most of her spells [such as Mute, Sleepy Time, and Come Back] don't have any stronger of an effect based on her Magic Attack, and her curative spells aren't affected too much by her Magic Attack either, in fact Spritz Bomb is the only one that'd really suffer by her having a low Magic Attack, and like I already said Spritx bomb isn't that Great, Star Rain or Geno Flash or even Ultra Flame is much stronger. So She'd the best choice for the Lazy Shell armor.Her healing powers make her a neccessity in tough boss fights.

In short where you should use the characters:
Mario -You have to have him, it doesn't matter.
Mallow - Areas where Magic is your best bet against enemies.
Geno - I reccomend having him on your team most of the time, but have Mallow is better when in areas where magic is needed.
Bowser - Only in places where you need lots of brute strength.
Toadstool - She's very good to have, anywhere where you might neeed recovery magic.