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Zelda III Walkthrough Zelda III Map
Zelda III Walkthrough
Chose which part:

Light World:
Hyrule Castle
Eastern Palace
Desert Palace
Tower Of Hera
Hyrule Castle [2]

Dark World

  Hyrule Castle:
Items in this section: Lantern, Boomerang, Knight's Sword, Hylian Shield, Bottles [2], Bug Net, Bombs,Mushroom

Part 1: Outside/ Garden Path
After you name your character and start your file, Zelda will speak with Link, well his descendent at least [I'll just call your character Link]. After Link's uncle leaves have him open the Treasure Box to find the Lantern, which can light unlit lamps. Next gp outside and use X to view your map. Go north to Hyrule Castle, then at the gate [which is locked]. Go Right from the castle then up to find a bush with markings around it lift it up with A and if it's the right bush, you'll see a whole.  Fall in it. You'll see your uncle talk to him and you'll gain the Knight's Sword and Hylian Shield. Go throught his room, and you'll find your first two enemies. Defeat them and open the tresure Box to get five Rupies. Exit this area to go outside, go into Hyrule Castle.

Part 2: In the Castle
In the castle there are many, many guards. this was my first RPG and I was able to get through the castle on my first day [I was 10 at the time] so it can't be too tough. Go to the floor of B1 [Basement 1] and fight the purple knight to gain a key. Unlock the door and go alow the trail, watch out for the edges, if you fall off you'll lose energy. You can hit the guards near the edge to make them fall off. After this part head left and then up until you come to a room that leads into two areas like this: The D's are the doors.
-------------------------     Beat the guard and go through the door to the right.
I    D    I     In this room you'll find an enemy or two and the
I        I     Boomerang, have this be your Y button for the rest of
I        D   this castle, unless you need the Lantern to light  
I        I     torches, the Boomerang temporarily stuns [freezes]      
I        I     the target, giving you a few cheap shots at the enemy.
------------D------------   Now go back to the room shown to the left and go through the top door. This will  lead to stairs, after a room or two you will encounter you're first boss, which later becomes a regular enemy.
Boss: Ball And Chain Trooper
Like it says this soldier has a large chain, with a metal ball atatched to the end [pretty much a Morning star if you know what that weapon is]. There are two ways to beat him: A. The hard way, use the boomerang and hit him as many times with your sword as you can until he bocomes unstunned or
B. The easy way, see those vases over there on the ground? Throw them at him, if two of thwm hit him he'll be gone. He drops the Big Key, also called the Master Key. Big keys in most other dungeons are needed to reach the boss of that dungeon. After this go to the 1st floor again, there is a slightly easier way this time. Go to the room in B1 where there are stairs leading to a bridge over the floor of the dungeon [the room that the bottom D leads to in the picture] and follow the path it will let you go back to the 2nd room of B1, without facing the enemies. Back on 1F go to the throne room, Zelda will give you directionss on how to move a shelf and reveal a secret passageway. This is the path to Sanctuary.

The Path To Sanctuary
This would be a good time to save, to do so press SELECT and go down to Save And Quit and press A or START. This will save the changes to you're file. In the passageway it will be very dark and you can use you're Lantern to light torches, there are also a few keys you'll have to get. There are three enemies here: 1. Rats- The rats are quick and can be hard to get, however you can hear them squeak, if you hear a rat, equip the Boomerang and stun the critter then get it with the swiord. 2. Snakes- The snakes are slower than rats, but silent and sligtly stronger, they usually appear in groups. If yuo find yourself surrounded by a group of rats then use the "Whirling Blade Technique", to use the WBT hold down B until you hear a souns and see a sparkle at the tip of Link's sword when like this Link can easily plow through bushes and grass or release B to do a spinning attack. The WBT is very usefull for getting rid of groups of snakes. 3. Bats- Bats are quicker than snakes yet slower than rats, your stategy against them is pretty much the same as it is against rats. Once you get through the cavern enough that it is light you'll start to encounter more snakes, in the last room there are two switches, if you want to get more Rupees, pull on the Left switch [Press A and Down], this will cause a lot of snakes to appear. Snakes often drop Blue Rupees [which are worth 5] and sometimes even Red ones [which are worth 20]. To simply leave the dungeon pull on the switch to the right.

Sanctuary And Kakariko Village
In Sanctuary listen to Zelda and the Sage, then get the treasure box to get a Heart Container which will increase you're life bar by one heart. You will get the remaining 16 Heart Containers in one of two ways:

A. Getting one as a prize [as well as a pendant or crystal] from a Boss.
B. By getting four pieces of heart.

Whenever you are low on life, go talk to the Sage or Zelda, Zelda's kiss and the sage's spell both recover your Life Power completely. Go to the west until you see the forest, this forest holds a Mushroom which you can trade later. south from the forest is Kakariko village [it's on the map so it shouldn't be hard to find].  In town visit the top-left house to speak with the Elder, visit his neighbor on the left to find a lot of treasure in this house you can also use a Bomb to blow up the top wall, where it's cracked. to get bombs go on the small cliff in the town and fall into the pit below it, you will get some bombs and Rupees. The Bombs can be used to blow up about 90% of cracked walls [some in dungeons can't be destroyed]. Cracked walls are pretty much any wall that has an odd black marking on it. You can blow up a wall in the cave you found the bombs in. Bombs also harm enemies in a small radius [and you if you're to close]. To detonate a bomb press Y to set one and it will explode in about 2 seconds. You can also pick u bombs you've set down and throw them. Also in town, buy a bottle to keep Fairies, Bees, and Potions in. Fairies will restore 7 of your hearts if you touch one [you can use a Boomerang to get them from a distance] or if you diw while you have one in a bottle you can be brought back to life with 7 hearts full. Bees will sting nearby enemies and you, unless it's the Good Bee. Potions will recover your life, magic or both, depending on their color.
Red= life, Green= magic, Blue= both. There are two last stops in the town: The first is the tavern, a long vertical building, enter through the back and you can get a second bottle [you can have upto four]. The last stop is a game in southern Kakariko. To get to the game bomb the wall on the left on the long horizontal building and go through the door, if you can get through the Garden maze next to the house in 15 seconds or less you'll get a piece of heart. Oh, I almost forgot talk to the boy near the shop bfore you leave and he'll give you directions to the home of a man that may be able to help you.

Tips for getting Rupees in town
1. Use the whirling blade technique but son't release B to cut down bushes that may conatin Rupees or if you're lucky, even a fairy.
2. Get each of the Treasure Boxe's in the house next to the Elder's if you mess up on the blocks and are unable tyo open each box then just exit the room, and the blocks will be reset, each box contains a Red Rupee [20].
3. In the lower left corner of the first section of Kakariko, there is a hut that seems to be sealed off. Use a bomb to open it up, inside are some Rupees, Arros, Bomb, and Mice.

Eastern Pallace: