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Final Fantasy 6 Walkthrough
World Of Balance
World Of Ruin
Side Quests [WOR]

  World Of Balance
Mt. Kolts
Lete River
Sabin's Quest
Locke's Quest
Terra's Quest
Back To Narshe
The Opera House
Esper World
Empire Peace Talks
Floating Continent

  World Of Ruin
Solitary Island
Kolingen and Darill's Tomb
Kefkah's Tower and The Final Battle

Side Quests
Maranda and Zozo
The Cave In The Veldt
Thamasa [WOR]
Doma Castle [WOR]
Jidoor [WOR]
Tower Of Fanatics
Mobliz Again
Phoenix Cave
Narshe [WOR]
Triangle Island
The Opera House [WOR]
Solitary Island Again
Duncan's House
Ancient Castle
Ebot's rock
Doom Gaze

Part One: The World Of Ruin
[Level 3]
You bgin the game in contol of Terra, Vicks, and Wedge. Terra is your best character and Vicks and Wedage are pretty much Identical. After the intro and credits  you will enter the mining town of Narshe. Upon entering you'll encounter several battles with Lobos and other fairly weak enemies.

Hint: Use the Heal Force Magitek whenever you're hp gets low, it as well as your other Magiteks have unlimited uses.

After the few battles head into the Mine. Save on the sparkle and continue to the top, this is a nice area to gain levels, since you have unlimited Hp with Heal force. At the top of the mine is the Whelk boss.

Boss:Whelk    Level 6 Hp:1600    Mp:1000 Steal:Tonic Drop:None
Element: Poison
Weaknesses:Holy, Fire
Strategy: Use Fire Beam when it goes inside it's shell have two people use Fire Beam and one person use Heal Force.

After Whelk Biggs and Wedge will die, then you'll name Terra, and Locke will come and have to save her, and about 11 moogles will come to help. This part is relatively easy. Have the team with Mog in it face the leader of the enemies. Have him use Dusk Requim, Snare will get rid of him automatically.

Now the moogles leave and Locke joins Terra. On the map go southeast to Figaro.  

Note: If this is your first FF game you can learn the basics of the series in the training room which is the lower lefthand building in Narshe, you can also recover for free there and get a few treasures.

[Level 6]
Buy any needed Items here, also buy the Autocrossbow, Noise Blaster and Bio Blaster.

Then talk to the king of Figaro next speak with Matron [She's on the west side] then talk to Edgar again then Kefkah comes. Now escape with lock and Edgar.

Now hurry up and escape, some gurads com after you but you can toast them easily with a few Fire spells from Terra.

Note: When selecting the target of a spell press R to select all of the enemies or allies, the effect will be reduced a bit though, and this only works with certain spells.

Go Southeast to find a cave.

In the cave ecover at the recovery spring near the entrance and save outside. Enemies will become much easier now that you have Edgar with you, his AutoCrossbow Causes physical damage to all enemies, his Bio Blaster poisons all enemies and his Noise Blaster, is the best yet, confusing all enemies. A confused enemy will attack it's own allies, or in other words beats up your enemies for you.  Don't open any treasure boxes in the cave.

In South Figaro search every barrel and crate to find hidden items, there are no less then 16 items hidden in the objects around town.

Note: There is an Elixir [recovers all Hp and Mp for one ally] in nearly every grandfather clock in the game, to check a clock press A [or whatever uoi put the talk button to] in front of it.

At the town just buy any items you need and leave. Go north and a bit to the right to find  Mount Kolts.

  Mt. Kolts
[Level 8]
Follow the path untill you find Vargas, be sure to get the items lying about.

Boss:Vargas    Level 11 Hp:1600 Mp:220 Steal:Mythrl.Claw/Tonic                        Drop:None    
Strategy: Use Fire or Bio Blaster on his bets, then when Sabin comes select Bliz so the cursor is pointed at him and type in Left Right Left on the + buttons. It sucks in that the game doesn't let you know what you're supposed to do to beat Vargas, at least they could have explained how to use Blitz.

Now exit the cave and name Sabin then go to the Returners' hideout and collect all of the items, speak with Bannon and when he asks if you'll be their last hope say No, if you say yes you'll only get a Gauntlet but if yyou keep saying no then you'll eventually get a Genji Glove. Equip Sabin with it.

  Lete River
[Level 10]
At the Lete River you'll have several choices about which way to go always chose right, also if Bannon dies during this part then you automatically get a Game Over.

Super Level Trick: At The Lete River you can immensely increase your level. To do so you must have a Super nES Turbo type controller so that you can switch the command button on Auto, and on the menu screen go to Config. Cmd. Set, and select Short, then make Bannon's Health the top choice for him, Edagr's Auto Crossbow his top choice and Terra and Sabin just have Fight for their top choice, now save the game and board the raft and switch A over, leave this on over night and when you wake up your characters will be at SUPER high levels, this isn't good for the game or SNES though, and might harm both of them, plus you're characters won't be nearly as strong as they would have been if you had givven them Esper Bonuses at their level up. This is a quick way to get Levels up, but just getting them up normally is better in the end, but slower.

Boss:Ultros    Level 19 Hp:3000 Mp:640 Steal:None    Drop:D.Meat            
Weaknesses:Lightining, Fire
Strategy: Use Terra's Fire spell and Sabin's Aura Bolt attacks, have Bannon always use his Health command, Edgar can do whatever.

After this you can chose which team you'll follow, Sabin's quest lasts about an hour to three hours, Locke's lasts about an hour and Terra's lasts about half an hour, if even that.

Sabin's Quest
Locke's Quest
Terra's Quest

  Sabin's Quest
[Level 12]
First go to the house that is right next to where Sabin will start and talk to Shaddow to get him to join your team, then buy supplies from the merchant. Now go SouthEast to the Imperial Camp and search the tents for treasures.

After a while you'll take control of Cyan, and have to fight the leader of the Imperial soldiers. To beat him quickly simply use Dispatch or Retort [his 1st and 2nd swordtechs], Cyan's Swordtechs are used and learned similarly to Sabin's Blitz commands.

After Cyan's little adventure you'll retake control of Sabin and Shadow back at the camp, listen to Leo and Kefka then chase after Kefka. After this you'll again play as Cyan who will need to find the King of Doma, who is inside the castle. Then back as Sabin and Shadow you'll have to help out Cyan and escape the camp by using Magitek armor.

Now go East of Doma castle, to the Phantom Forest. Go up from the first screen and then recover at the spring and head right and South. Then go NorthEast, where you'll find the Phantom Train. Enter the train and then try to exit by the way you came, you'll find that you're trapped.

Note: Certain ghosts will join you temporarily if you talk to them.

Keep going to the left, through allof the train cars, if you seem to come to a deadend then try to go on top of the car and jump onto the next one. Eventuall yyou'll come to a Resturaunt, eat here to recover your Hp, Mp and Status. There is also a Ghost Merchant somewhere on the train that will sell you Potions, Tonics and other items.

In one of the cars you'll notice a group of treasure boxes, Zeigfried will come and try to take them from you, Zeigfried is a pathetic weakling that is not to be confused with Seigfried, eho is a great fighter.

When you reach the front of the train there will be a room with three switches in them,  Hit the swithes on the left and right, but not the one in the middle. Then hit a swith near the train's smokestack, be sure to save before you do this. You'll face the Phantom Train.

Boss: Ghost Train Level 14 Hp:1900 Mp:350 Steal:None Drop:Tent            
Weaknesses:Holy, Fire, Lightining
Strategy: Use a Phoenix Down to beat him in one hit. If you don't have any then use Sabin's Suplex or Fire Dance [If you have it yet] techniques, and have Shadow throw any Shurikens he has, have Cyan use Retort or Quadra Slam.

Now have Sabin go to Barren Falls and un-equip Shadow, who will leave you're team.  Have Sabin and Cyan jump down the watterfall. You'll face several fights with fish-like enemies. Then face Rizopas.

Boss:Rizopas  Level 13 Hp:775 Mp:39    Steal:None Drop:Remedy        
Strategy: Watch out for his El Nino attack which is extremely powerful and use Dispatch or Retort for Cyan and have Sabin use his Blitzes.

After you defeat Rizopas go to the nearby town of Mobliz and buy some Dried Meat then explore the Veldt until the boy that found you by the lake appears, use the meat on him and he [Gau] will join the party.

You can either go back to Mobliz and mail some letters for a wounded soldier, [after you end a letter a new one will appear after a while.] After you send all of the letters you'll get the Tintinabar relic, which replenishes Hp for the wearer while they walk.  if you don't go to Mobliz then go to Gau's cave which is SouthWest of Mobliz.

In Gau's cave get the diving helmet and go into the lake with it. Then go into the Sepent Trench, the enterence to it is at the end of the cave. After the Serpent Trench you'll wind up in Nikeah, buy new equipment and talk to the ship's captain which is at the port, then sail to south Figaro, Sabin's Quest is now over.

  Locke's quest
Terra's quest
After all three quests

Locke's Quest
[Level 12]
Locke is in South Figaro, first check his equipment, then go to the Item shop and steal the merchant's uniform, then go through the "Old Man's House" and Then steal the Soldier's uniform [The soldier that is on the upper level of town, in the green]. Then Speak with the soldier in the town and go to the Pub. Now steal the uniform and the cider from the Merchant below the pub. Talk to the Old Man's Grandson [In th old man's house] and tell him that the password is "Courage". Now go to Owzer's house, and search for a secret passage behnd the bookshelf. You'll find Celes in one of the rooms. Free Celes and take the guard's key, now equip Celes. Use the Clock Key on the stopped clock.  Now you'll have to find your way through the next section and go through the stairs to escape from South Figaro.

After South Figaro, go to the nearby cave. The cave has a recovery spring, a few treasures and the Tunnel Armor boss.

Boss:Tunnel Armor Level 16 Hp:1300 Mp:900 Steal: Bio Blaster, A. Lancet Drop: Elixir            
Strategy: Always use Celes' Runic command, this way she is practically invinible in this fight, have Locke attack and steal.

Note: if you waited to open the treasure chests the first time you came through the cave and opened them now you will get some very good items, such as an X-Potion and a Thunder Rod.

Locke's quest is now over

Sabin's quest
Terra's quest
After all three quests

  Terra's Quest
[Level 12]
You'll have to finish up the river [It's not very long at all]. Then  go NorthWest to Narshe.  now use the Secret door, thst you found as Locke to get into the Mines of Narshe. There's one point in the mines where you'll have to watch a star-like thing go through a small maxe and then go through the maze in the same pattern that it did. After the mines follow the trail to Arvis' home.

Terra's quest is now over.

Sabin's quest
  Locke's quest
After all three quests

  After All Three Quests It's....

  Back To Narshe
[Level 16]
First buy all of the items and equipment you can and equip all of your characters. Then at the mountain you must form 3 teams.
This setup seems to work the best:

Team 1:Gau  Edgar
Team 2:Sabin Celes
Team 3:Terra Locke Cyan

Have teams 1 and 2 go to the frontlines and beat of the soldiers, have team 3 for backup and to fight Kefka at the end.