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Dragon Warrior Walkthrough
This walkthrough goes along the NES version of the game rather than the GBC one, this walkthrough will also work for the GBC version but note that there are some differences in names in the two versions.

You start in Tantengel castle, the one save point in the game. To save speak with the king. You'll gain a key and some money here. Use the money to buy Leather armor then go outside of the town.Go to the eastern edge of the castle and walk along right next to the moat. Search around the eastern side to find the Sun stone.

Walk around in the plains and you will encounter some slimes [Both Blue and red ones]. There are also Drakees and Ghosts in the forest. Slimes have only 3 hp, while Drakees have 6 and Ghosts have 7. After you have some more gold return to the town next to Tantengel castle and buy the Dragon's Scale, while slightly boosts your defense.

After you reach around level 3head NorthWest of Tantengel to reach a cave surrounded in a small desert. This is Erdrick [Loto in the GBC version]'s tomb. Go to the far right until you reach a wall, it's dark so if you reach a deadend try going around it because it could just be a rock instead of a wall. After you reach the wall Go down and head as far down to the left as possible you'll reach a tablet that tells of Erdrik. Now exit the cave.

Go as far North and West from the cave as you can to reach the town of Garinham. this town has stronger weapons and armor that you can buy if you have the money [which you might not since items are quite pricey in this game].

When you're around level 5 or 6 try going North from tantengel then East if you go far enough you'll cross a bridge then head south and cross a second one,  north of the second bridge is a small desert, and just north of that is the town of Kol. Inside Kol there's a spring search the ground south of it [about 3 steps south of it] to find the Fairy Flute, which you will need later in the game.

Head south to find a cave in a poison marsh, it leads to a Southern continent, but has stong monsters inside it. To get through the cave simply go south, at one poin you'll have to go lightly to the right brcause of a wall jutting out from the side of the cave. On the new continent soth from the cave, in a small pond lies an island with a town in it, the town is Rimuldar, a place where you can buy Magical keys, which you can have up to six of.

Aftet buying at least two keys from Rimuldar go back to Garinham, unlock the top building and get the tresure boxes, then go through the hidden door at the top of the building and outside, now go down the stairs. You need to still have at least one key left, and should have a torch [it should only take one]. There are four floors in the dungeon:
Map Key: E=Enterence D=Door Bitmap Image=Treasure Box
Notes: Correspondoing stairs [such as Stairs A] lead to each other, if you walk up/down Stairs A you will appear at th other Stairs A.


Bitmap Image
Get the Harp then leave the cave, be sure to save. Go East from Kol and then North to find a cave inside is a Sage who will take the Silver Harp and give you the Staff of Rain.

Go South of Kol and you'll reach a cave, wander around and you'll find a Dragon [keep going Down and Right to reach it], defeat him to save Princess Gwailin. The Dragon is very tough though, you should at least be at Level 12 before trying to beat it. Take the Princess back to Tatengel castle. You'll get rewarded from the King as well as the princess, you'll gsin an Item called Gwailin'slove which tells you how many steps away from the castle you are.

SouthWest of Tantengel castle is a mountain range, go around the mountains and into the cave next to them, this is the Rocky Cave. From the enterence  go up and left until you reach a wall follow it down and go right keep going right and slightly up until you reach the wall now head down and  
turn left when you get the chance. Startb going down and left, you'll see some water if you're going the right way, go left from there and slightly up then keep heading left search around this area until you reach a door [you need a key to unlock it] and past the door are some stairs, go down them. On this next floor go right until you reacha wall, follow it South and turn right when you reach a dead end. When you reach the next dead end go up start going to the right and keep going up Go as far right and up as you can until youcan't go up any more still go right and there will be a opening where you can go down into an enclosed area, inside this area is the Fighter's Ring [It's called the War Ring in the GBC version]. This boosts your attack. Exit the cave.

Go South and East of the Rocky cave. You'll run into a town called Domadora. This town is the only one with monsters in it. Near a shop, you will find Erdrick [Loto]'s Armor, the strongest armor in the game. However the armor is protected by a strong oponent.

Further East of Domodora you'll see another town called Mercado, The Golem guards the town enterence, when you fight him, use the Fairy Flute to put him to sleep then attack him, a covered area in the town leads to a temple on the other side of a forcefield floor. The man in the temple will tell you the coordinate's of Erdrick's Token [Loto's Seal]. This will make the item very easy to get. When at the right coordiante press Start and choose SEARCH. When you have the Sun Stone, Staff of Rain,and Erdrick's Token [Loto's Seal] go to the Far SouthEast Temple and the sage thhere wil form the Rainbow bridge leading to DragonLord's castle.

DragonLord's castle is very large and has many enemies, you should be at Level 30 before trying to defeat the DragonLord, be sure to have all of your strongest equipment on and find Erdrick's [Loto''s] Sword in the castle, and fight with all your might, this is the final battle.