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Final Fantasy 9 Walkthrough
Disc One
Disc Two
Disc Three
Disc Four

  Disc One

The Prima Vista Airship
You start playing as Zidane in the Prima Vista airship, turn on the light where the ! pops over your head. Whenever a ! or ? appears over your head press X. After the others appear you'll fight Baku for a training lesson. He won't be much of a challenge at all.

Outside Alexandria Castle
After the events in the airship you'll play as Vivi, a Black Mage outside Alexandria castle. Tal to the man in the center booth to find out your ticket's fake, go to the left of the tent and find a rat boy, agree to be his 'slave' for a bit. Follow him and go into the steeple, then up the ladder, you'll meet some moogles, which you save at. After you get past the roofs you'll play as Zidane again.

Alexandria Castle - Durring Play
When you play as Zidane you'll play in a mini game where you do a swordfight for a play. Try to impress at least 90 of the people as well as the queen, to do so press the correct buttons shown as quickly as possible, accuracy is more important than speed. If you don't do well retry the fight. You can earn easily up to 800 Gil. This is a huge ammount of money for this point in the game. After the swordfight follow Blank and go upstairs, talk to the White Mage, then go back downstairs. From this point on with Zidane it's pretty straight forward. After a while you'll control Steiner, go downstairs, then outside the castle and tearn left, then go up the left tower. When you switch back to controlling Zidane follow after the princess. You'll have to fight a few soldiers, and then Steiner a few times, none of these battles however yeilds any experience, or Ap.  You'll move onto a new area.

Evil Forest
Go outsdie and walk South then fight the enemy holding Garnet and Vivi captive. After the battle return to the Prima Vista. Visit Vivi, Steiner, and Baku. Fight Baku, then go talk to Steiner and Vivi to get them on your team, exit the airship, the exit is downstairs near where you fought Baku. Go past where you fought the enemy and keep going until you reach a cave, inside it you'll fight a boss.

Use Firesword, and the Fire spell on it to very quickly defeat it.

Escape from the cave, a swarm of bug like plant enemies will chase you. They are great for building your levels up on, beat them easily with Fire attacks. After Blank is turned to stone talk to the moogle and exit the forest. View the map with the Select button and head toward the Ice Cavern.

Ice Cavern
The cavern is fairly short, unless you try to get all of the treasure boxes. You can melt some of the Icey areas with Vivi's Fire magic. Near the end your allies will fall asleep, you'll have to face the BlackWaltz and SnowLion.

Boss: Black Waltz / Snow Lion.
Be sure ot have Zidane equipped on his best possible equipment and have him attack the Black Waltz if he attcks the Snow Lion, then the Waltz will just restore it. After the Waltz is defeated then attack the Snow Lion.

Go back to your teammates and exit the Ice Cavern, you'll get to rename Garnet, head towards the town of Dali.

Go to the Inn and spend the night. Go to the Northern tip of town and speak with Vivi, then go into the Shop and talk to Garnet, return to the Inn, then go to where Vivi was and search around there, now go inside the windmill and lift the seal, go undefground. In the underground factory openthe barrel with Vivi in it, and examine the machines. Go through the rest of the factory, you'll play as Steiner twice durring the factory area. After the second time you'll face another Boss.

Boss: Black Waltz II
if all of your allies but Garnet die then it's Game Over. Use Fire or Blizard and steal from him, just be sure to keep you're team alive.

After the battle you'll board the airship.

Cargo Airship
On the airship talk to the people, then go upstairs, talk to Steiner, then talk some more you'll then fight another Boss.

Boss: Black Waltz III
Vivi gets a Trance at the start, use his spells and Steiner's Sword magic, have Zidane be used to heal your party.

A cool Cinema scene follows and you're off to Lindblum.

In Lindblum talk to Artania and Cid. Shop around town as Zidane and go to and Theater District to visit Tantalus' base. Return to the castle and take the guard's armor, then visit Garnet. After that the Hunt festival begins. To get Zidane to win, fight all the monsters you can and try to get more points then the others. To get Freya to win simply die near the start of the hunt. To get Vivi to win go to the Buisiness district and fight Zaghnol with Freya on your team and have both Freya and Zidane die. After the hunt there's a feast and you get Freya on your team but Steiner and Garnet leave. Go off to Gizmaluke's Grotto.

Gizmaluke's Grotto
Be sure to have plenty of potions and some good equipment before heading here. You have to use bells to unlock doors, at the end of this area is a quite tough boss.

Use Freya's Jumps on him, and Vivi's Blizard have Zidane restore him, you may have to build your levels up higher before you can beat him.

After this you can exit the Grotto and head on to Burmecia.

In Burmecia you'll mainly face one enemy- Basilisk. Use Blizard to defeat them in one hit. This is a Great way to build your levels. ead into the main building and pull the switches and ring the bells, when you get to the top where the Moogle lives be sure to get the new weapon for Freya which has an ability call Reis' Wind. This ability lets you cast Regen on all your party in one turn. You'll have to face Beatrix at the end of the tower, just stay alive and she'll end up leaving. After that a small cinema scene unfolds and pop in Disc 2, which is much longer.