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Chrono Trigger Magic [Techs]
Single Tachs        Dual Techs        Triple Techs

Singel Techs
Name        Mp    Element    Effect

Cyclone        2    None        Harms nearby enemies
Slash        2    None        Harms enemies in stright line
Lightining    2    Lightining    Harms a single enemy
Spincut        4    None        2 x's dmage [Auto critical hit]
Lightining 2    8    Lightining    Harms all enemies
Life        10    None        Revives an ally
Confuse        12    None        Strikes the enemy four times
Luminaire    20    Lightining    Harms all enemies

Aura        1    None        Recovers some lost Hp
Provoke        1    None        Confuses an enemy
Ice        2    Water        Harms a single enemy
Cure        2    None        Recovers more Hp than Aura
Haste        6    None        Speeds up the battle guage
Ice 2        8    Water        Harms all enemies
Cure 2        5    None        Recovers target's Hp to full
Life 2        15    None        Revives an ally with full Hp

Flame Toss    1    Fire        Harms enemies in straight line
Hypno Wave    1    None        Puts enemies to sleep
Fire        2    Fire        Harms a single enemy
Napalm        3    None        Harms enemies in bomb area
Protect        6    None        Ups target's physical defense
Fire 2        8    Fire        Harms all enemies
Mega Bomb    15    None        Harms enemis in bomb area
Flare        20    Fire        Harms all enemies

Slurp        1    None        Recovers some lost Hp
Slurp Cut    2    None        Harms a single enemy
Water        2    Water        Harms a single enemy
Heal        2    None        Restore some of party's Hp
Leap Slash    4    None        Harms a single enemy
Water 2        8    Water        Harms all enemies
Cure 2        5    None        Recovers target's Hp to full
Frog Squash    15    None        Lower Hp = Higher damage

Rocket Punch    1    None        Harms a single enemy
Cure Beam    2    None        Recovers some lost Hp
Laser Spin    3    Shadow        Harms all enemies
Robo Tackle    4    None        Harms a single enemy
Heal Beam    3    None        Recovers some of party's Hp
Uzi punch    12    None        Harms a single enemy
Area Bomb    14    None        Harms enemies in bomb area
Shock        17    Shadow        Harms all enemies

Kiss        1    None        Recovers some lost Hp
Rollo Kick    2    None        Harms a single enemy
Cat Attack    3    None        Harms a single enemy
Rock Throw    4    None        Harms a single enemy
Charm        4    None        Steal an item from the enemy
Tail Spin    10    None        Harms nearby enemies
Dino Tail    15    None        Lower Hp = Higher damage
Triple Kick    20    None        Harms a single enemy

Lightining 2    8    Lightining    Harms all enemies
Ice 2        8    Water        Harms all enemies
Fire 2        8    Fire        Harms all enemies
Dark Bomb    8    Shadow        Harms all enemies
Magic Wall    8    None        Ups target's magical defense
Dark Mist    10    Shadow        Harms all enemies
Black Hole    15    None        Kills nearby enemies
Dark Matter    20    Shadow        Harms all enemies

Dual Techs
Name        Mp [1]    Mp [2]    Requirements

Crono / Marle

Aura Whirl    2    1    Cyclone / Aura    
Recover some of party's Hp

Ice Sword    4    2    Spin Cut/ Ice
Ice attack to an enemy

Ice Sword 2    12    8    Confuse / Ice 2
Ice attack to a group of enemies

Crono / Lucca

Fire Whirl    2    1    Cyclone / Flame Toss
Fire attack to nearby enemies

Fire Sword    4    2    Spin Cut / Fire
Fire attack to an enemy

Fire Sword 2    12    8    Confuse / Fire 2
Fire attack to a group of enemies

I'll have the rest up and finished by next update