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Chrono Trigger Review
Chrono Trigger
Released sometime in 1995
32 Megabits
3 Save Files [Super NES]
SNES Mouse Compatible:No
SNES Super Scope Compatible:No
Approx. Playing Time:30 Hours [without New Game Plus]
Beaten:Yes [many, many times]
Preview: It's the Millanial Fair in the kingdom of Guardia. Chrono, a typical teenager goes to the fair to have some fun and meets a girl who asks him to show her around town. After a while they stop by Chrono's good friend Lucca's booth, which is a teleportationcapsule. Chrono goes through it just fine, but the girl dissapears when she goes through it, this begins Crono's quest which starts out  to save a princes,  but in the end becomes a quest to save time itself.
Note:Difficulty has no outcome on the game's final grade.

Chrono Trigger probably has the best graphics any SNES Rpg's have [Only Lufia 2 and Super Mario RPG rival it]. the characters look great as well as the background and it has 3-D Mode 7 graphics for the spell graphics.

This game also has some of the best music for any game, the only game that is tied with it is Zelda III. I even like the sound effects and music on this better than the FF games.

Play Control=9.6
The controls are really easy to use. They use the same set up as basically every other SNES Rpg of it's time. The controls in battle, though are a bit different than other games, in that it uses the ATB system to it's fullest.

Specials, Inginuity, and Replay=10.0
Okay, now a perfect 10.0 is really, really rare. The game is really creative with it's idea of time travel, unique battle system, and dual / triple techs. It's DEFINATELY worth playing multiple times since it has 11 different endings!

Challenge=7.4 Difficult Level
Actually this game is a VERY good beginer's RPG. It is pretty easy except for soem of the later bosses [mainly ones found on side- quests]. With out those few tough bosses I'd probably give thid game a 5.0 for the difficulty.

This is probably one of the highest scores I'll ever give a game. And that is becasue it is just such a freakin' good game. If you haven't ever played this game PLEASE play it. I guarantee you that you'll like it.

If you liked this game try:
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2. Lufia 2
3. Super Mario RPG
4. Final Fantasy 6
5. Breath of Fire 2