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Zelda III Review
The Legend Of Zelda III: A Link To The Past
Released sometime in 1991
16 Megabits
3 Save Files [Super NES]
SNES Mouse Compatible:No
SNES Super Scope Compatible:No
Approx. Playing Time:25 Hours
Preview:You are the decendant of Link [from all the Zelda games but 3 & 4]. The princess of Hyrule, Zelda has been captured by Agahnim, an evil wizard who has killed th King of Hyrule. He is attempting to capture all of the descendents of the seven wise men [from Ocarins of Time]. Once he has sealed all seven of their powers as well as Zelda's he will be able to travel to the fabled Golden land where the triforce lies. your job is to stop him. You start by trying to rescuing Zelda.
Note:Difficulty has no outcome on the game's final grade.

The game has great graphics, especially for the Super Nintendo. The characters, though relatively small are quite detailed. they bosses are nice and large, and they even use mode 7 graphics for the triforce.

The sound is nice and smooth, complete with the classic Zelda theme song, the musical score is a true masterpiece especially the Lost woods song [before you beat Agahnim].

Play Control=9.8
Link moves nice and responsively, the controls are basic and easy to learn and use. The basic control setup consists of each button [besides A] performing a single function. Actaully, this game's control is REALLY good.

Specials, Inginuity, and Replay=9.5
This game is truly creative and is immensly different from Zelda 2. Though it is similar in gameplay to the original, there are sadly no other games that TRULY have the same gameplay as Zelda 3.

Challenge=8.0 Advanced Level
Although the first few dungeons are very easy, the difficulty gradually increasea until the dungeons [especially Turtle Rock] become difficult for even the most skilled adventurers.

Overall=9.7 = A
Although, some games may get higher scores that does not mean I like them more. This game is my very favorite and always will be my very favorite [unless they come out with another SNES Zelda].

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