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The Legend Of Zelda II Walkthrough
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Choosing Level Ups
Starting Out
1st Pallace
2nd Pallace
3rd Pallace
4th Pallace
5th Pallace
6th Pallace
7th Pallace

  Choosing level ups.    
Level ups work differently in this game in that you can only chose one of three stats to increase when you gain a level. The three stats are Attack, Life [Defense] and Magic.If you gain a level chose Life [Defense] to level up, always chose Life until your Life is about 3 or 4, then start chosing Attack, until it is 3 or 4 then you can start chosing Magic. The reason you chose Magic last is because the Magic stat effects how much Mp spells take, meaning that if you have magic level up then your spells will take less Mp to cast, but only this will only affect the spells you currently own so if you get high magic at the start the spells towards the end will still takes tons of Mp to use.

  Starting Out
Link starts at North Castle which is also known as Hyrule Castle First he should go directly South of the lake North castle is surrounded by and ever so slightly to the West to find a cave,in here you'll find a Magic container if you gain a level here chose Life [Defense] to level up. Now go onto the yellow-brick road [hehe at least it looks like it's made out of Yellow bricks], and follow it down, as long as your on the road, you won't run into enemies, which areincase you haven't noticed those black shadowy things.

Eventually the road leads to a town, Rauru. In Rauru visit an old man in a home to learn the SHIELD Spell, which temporarily boosts your LIFE [Defense not Hp] by one level [Even if it is at 8]. Now follow the road back up to the plains, until you see a small patch of forest, walk into it, and you'll automatically enter it [that is if it's the right one]. In the forest you'll face some bats and find a treasure bag, that contains 50 Exp. Points.

After the forest go North of it to the desert. Head North and to the center of it until you see a cave. Go in the cave and it's pitch-black, almost. If you get hit it's from an enemy, most likely a bat. This can be challenging but if you look at the floor, you can tell if a land dwelling enemy is near because the ground will look a little different where the enemy's standing, there eill be a small balck area there. After you find the treasure at the end of the cave leave. Then go on the road, and go West to the town of Ruto, in Ruto you can refil your life and Magic plus get the JUMP spell which allows you to Jump higher, allowing you to reach higher places and dodege enemies be merely jumoing over them.

Now go back towards Rauru, and go into the forest to the east of the town. At the Northern tip of the forest is a cave. This cave is very easy, considdering that there is only one enemy. After the cave you'll find yourself in another desert. From here go South and East until you reach a road where you'll enter an area in which you have to dodge bubbles and encounter a few  spots where you have to jump. After this little bit you can go to a small forest and in the middle of it is a clearing where you'll find a Goriya [Wolflike enemy who throws boomerangs], who guards a Heart container after the heart is your go back up towards the desert and go to the Northern part to reach the first pallace.

  1st Pallace
[Parapa Pallace; Pallace of Time]
Go down the elevator[1] then go left, until you reach a key, you're LIFE should be at least at level 2 when you enter this pallace. After getting the key turn around and head right. When you reach another elevator[2] don't go down, when you reach another elevator[3] that goes up or down, go up.Where you can get two keys. After getting them go back down to the center level and then go left to elevator[2] then go down it; if you run low on life there is a fairy that will restore you're life just to the right of elevator[3]. After you ride down elevator[2] you'll have to go left and find a Hinox. This ogre tosses bombs just like in Zelda III. Go under the arc of it's bombs to reach a safe spot then jab with you're sword it's smart to cast the SHIELD spell, because you have to face an Ironknuckle after the Hinox. Ironknuckles are quite tough, especially their blue and red forms because not only do they have a sword, but a shield. After defeting the Ironknuckle go beyond the gate and get the candle. Now return to the center floor and go right towards elevator[3] where you'll go down and approach the boss.

Suggested levels: LIFE 3        ATTACK 3    MAGIC 1
Cast the JUMP and SHIELD spells, the boss' mace will cause damage even if it hits your shield. When he comes close hit his head with your sword and then jump over him.

After Horsehead's defeat you'll automatically gain a level and he'll drop a key, now place on of the crystals in the guardian statue's head.

Now head back to Ruto town and go through the cave south of it. In the cave there are several Goriyas [Wolfmen] and Keeses [Bats]. At the end of the cavern is a wall that you will have to use the JUMP spell in order to jump over. After that go south until you reach a forest go through the top row of trees in order to reach a fairy.  You are now on the Souther Hyrule continent
[creative name, eh?]. Go onto the road and follow it South to a bridge, across it lies the town of Saria. In this town you can get the Life spell, to do so talk to the lady who has lost her mirror, then go to the empty chose, stand in front of the table and press A. You'll get the mirror. Give it to the lady wholost it and you'll be invited in, talk to the old man and you have LIFE which recovers your lost energy. Be carefullof who you talk to, some people are really bats and will harm you if you talk to them, only the soldier, lady [who lost her mirror, and witches [they restore your Life energy and Magic power if you talk with them], can be certain not to harm you. After you have LIFE go to the forest East of Saria and go search the top -art of the forest to find a home, inside is Bagu, he can help you. How? By givving you a letter, show it to the guard at the end of Saria and he'll let you pass the bridge ro go to the maze of caves.

Maze of caves:
This area does not HAVE to be completed to beat the game, but it sure makes things a lot easier if you just finish it anyways. In the maze of caves there are about 30 different entrances to caves. To go somplete the maze simply always go through the cave to the East whenever there is a fork in the road, if there is no Eastern choice, then go South. You'll find a hole in the road, after going through a small desert and in the hole is the hammer, however there are many axe-weilding Dairas [Lizardmen]. Each Daira gives you about 70 points and each red Daira gives you 100. If you want to build levels quickly then this is a great place to do it. After winning the hammer, go out of the cave and face the rock just left of the cave press the A or B button to use the hammer and crush the boulder. Go where the rock wasto gain a Magic container. With the hammer, you can take a shortcut by Rauru to get to southern Hyrule rather than the long route through the cave.

Now go on the road and follow it North from Saria to the swamp. There are two caves neear the swamp, one North of it has a treasure bag and the one East of it has a heart container. In the swamp go to the West side of it to find the second dungeon.

  2nd Pallace
[Midoro Pallace; Pallace of Water]
Near the start of the castle is a statue of an Iron Knuckle, most of these statues from here on out are going to be 'special'. Special statues will leave a Red Magic Bottle [Completely refills magic] 50% of the time, when you strike them with your sword, the other 50% of the time a Red ironknuckle will appear, if you ever run low on magic, hit the statue. From the elevator go down to the 3rd dungeon level [bottom floor] and head right, there's a Hinox [bomb-throwing Ogre] who is guarding a key. Get the keey and take the elevator to the 2nd dungeon level. Head left and get a second key. Then go up to the 1st dungeon level and head left, you'll find another key [after you use one of the keys] and at the end of the floor is an elevator, ride it down one floor and head left there are some strong enemies guarding the Magic Glove. Get the glove and go ride the elevator on that floor down another floor. From here head right at the end of the floor is another key, go down that elevator on that floor to reach the final floor, on this bottom floor there is a Red Magic Bottle refill your energy eith the LIFE spell and cast SHIELD and JUMP, now use the red bottle after you've cast thes spells . Go to the end of this floor ro face the boss [that's why you cast SHIELD and JUMP].

Boss: Helmethead
Suggested levels: LIFE 4        ATTACK 4    MAGIC 2
Helmethead is nothing compared to Horsehead, his head is where you should attack, if you have the downward thrust and have cast JUMP and jump above him right when you're above his head do a downward thrust, this defeats him easily. If you don't have the downward thrust then use the same strike and jump procedure that you used on Horsehead.

After defeating Helmethead, you'll automatically gain a level and he'll drop a key, now place one of the crystals in the guardian statue's head.

After your victory at the second palace you should follow the road east to the town of Mido. Here you can get the FAIRY spell, if you have the Water of Life [to get it go into the cave  in the swamp, this is the swamp in Southern Hyrule WITHOUT the pallace in it]. Also in Mido if you go to the church you'll notice another door above the door to the church to reach the second door cast the JUMP spell and leap up to the 2nd story door, inside is a swordsman that with teach you the downwards thrust. To use the downward thrust jump and while in the air press down on the + and the B button. After gaining these go to the graveyard south of Mido. In the graveyard there is a lone grave in the middle, visit it to go to King's tomb. Head south of it to enter a tunnel, this tunnel will take you to the Island Pallace.

  3rd Pallace
[Island Pallace; Pallace of Fire]
From the elevator go down and head clear acrossthe floor, on your way snatch the two keys [to get one of them you must have the glove and downward thrust]. After gaining the keys go down the elevator that is on this floor,[stab the  left dragon head next to the elevator for a Red Magic Bottle]. head to the right to get a key and the Raft, then turn back left and past the elevator to get a key return to the elevator and go down, head to the right and you'll encounter this pallace's boss.

Boss: Guardian Ironknuckle
Suggested levels: LIFE 5        ATTACK 5    MAGIC 2
This boss is pathetic. He starts on a horse cast SHIELD and JUMP jump and do a downthrust onhim, his horse will die and he will become a plain blue Ironknuckle. Finish him off with downthrusts.

After defeating Guardian Ironknuckle, you'll automatically gain a level and he'll drop a key, now place one of the crystals in the guardian statue's head.

From the third castle go to Mido there is a dock near there, sail off fromit to reach Eastern Hyrule. In Eastern Hyrule head south from the dock to go to a forest and get a treasure bag. then go East to the town of Nabooru. In Nabooru you can get the spell of FIRE to gain it go to the fountain in town and press B to get some water give this to the thirsty person and you'll get the FIRE spell. From Nabooru go North and through a cave then East and to the dock, sail across to 'Maze Island'.

At Maze Island follow thes directions at each fork in the road. This is asuming that you start at the enterance of the maze. Go down, left, up this leads to an invisible area where a lost child is, rescue him and go back to Eastern Hyrule, east from the dock to Maze Island is a town called Darunia, talk to the people there to get the Reflect spwll. Also in town cast the JUMP spell and you can walk on top of the roofs of the houses, if you reach chimenys press down on the + one of them leads to a swordsman who will teach you the upwards thrust.

After Darunia go back to maze Island and follow these directions for the fork in the roads: down, up, left [reach 1st bridge] [reach 2nd bridge] up, [reach 3rd bridge] left follow the path to get to an invisible cave [it doesn't appear on the map] which contains a Magic Container, after this turn around from where the cave was and go back to the road from where you left off, then take these turns at forks in the road; up, left, left, up, right, straight, then follow the path to the castle.

  4th Pallace
[Maze Pallace; Pallace of Time]
From the elevator at the top of the dungeon go down, then to the left to get two keys. Then go down the elevator you passed to get the 2nd key and head right to get another key. Now go back to the elevator that leads out of the pallace and go right until you reach an elevator, go down one floor on it and head right to get a kay and a red magic bottle from a statue, AFTER you have this fall down the pit on that floor to reach the floor with the Winged Boots, after you have them fall down from the oit on that floor and you'll land on a bridge, go right and get a key then head left past the elevator to get another key now go up the elevator you passed by, to the highest floor that it'll go. from there go leftuntil you reach an elevator that goes down, go down it and head left to reach another elevator go down it and head right to encounter the boss.

Boss: Carrock
Suggested levels: LIFE 6        ATTACK 5    MAGIC 2
The bosses seem to just be getting easier and easier, in that Horsehead is the toughest boss you'll have faced up to this point. To defeat the wizard simply cast the REFLECT spell and duck, stay ducking until he shoots a beam at you,it'll hit him back, just do this procedure to beat him. It isn't even neccesary to cast SHIELD or JUMP.

After defeating Carock, you'll automatically gain a level and he'll drop a key, now place one of the crystals in the guardian statue's head.

Now go back out of the castle and go on the raft to sail back to Eastern Hyrule. Return to Nabooru and head East to the desert go South and East along the mountains to find an invisible area [it doesn't appear on the map] inside the cave is a treasure bag. Try going onto the water, there are certain areas along the coastline where it will work go East on the sea to reach the next pallace, just north of the pallace, in the sea is another invivsble area containing a heart container.

  5th Pallace
[Pallace On The Sea; Pallace of Forest]
Go down the elevator at the start and go right to get a few keys then go back and down an elevator and right to find a statue containing a red magic bottle or an enemy then head left to another elevator, go down one floor then go right to gain a key and even further righ to a big flat wall; jump up and press right on the + to pass through the it [if it's the right wall]. Pass the walkthrough wall go down an elevator and head left to get to a ststue that will contain a red magic bottle or an enemy, then there's the flute even further left. To get to the boss go up the elevator that lead to the Flute then go back through the walkthroughable wall and go up the elevator and left to  another elevator that can go up or down, go up and then right, after the boss you must unlock a gate and then place the crystal in the statue's head.

Boss: Gooma
Suggested levels: LIFE 7        ATTACK 7    MAGIC 3
As always cast JUMP and SHIELD watch out for it's mace, which is quite strong, to harm it yuo must duck and attack.

After defeating Barba, you'll automatically gain a level and he'll drop a key, now place one of the crystals in the guardian statue's head.

Now go South until you reach the River Devil which blocks the road. play the flute using the Buttons on the controller and the Devil will vanish, opening up the way to the final areas.

First, go South into the graveyard and East into the swamp and forest, continue going East and slightly North to reach a cave, if you are at the one in the swamp you can go through it to reach a Treasure Bag, or if you've reched the cave in the forest [which one you'll run into firstdepends on if you went more North or East], this cave leads to New Kasuto Town.

In the town go into a large empty home with a fire place in it, go into the fireplace and press up on the + buttom. Now you will enter a room with a man that will teach you the Spell of SPELL. [That's the name of it, SPELL]. Also get the Magical Key [VERY IMPORTANT] and the Magic container in this town.

After your done at New Kasuto go back through the cave and South to East to reach a beach, search the second to the last row of trees to find a Treasure Bag, then check along the coast to find a Heart Container. Further East is the 6th Pallace, and still further East is Old Kasuto Town, visit Old Kasuto First.

In the town you should first get the THUNDER spell which is in the first house, then just leave.

After gaining Thunder, be sure to get your magic Level as high as you possibly can.

Next head back a bit to the West to find the 6th Pallace.

  6th Pallace
[Three-Eye Rock Pallace; Pallace Of Shadow]
Start off by attacking the statue at the enterence for a Red Magic Jar or an enemy, thendown the elevator to B1. Go Left to get a Treasure Bag. Now go right, towards the elevator and down it. Note that you must have the Magical Key to get through this palace. Head right and avoid those pits, eventually you'll find the Cross. It's guarded by an enemy nearly identacle to the Boss of the third pallace. No go left until you reach a spot with a pit in it, near it is an Ironknuckle statue, which will yeil an enemy or Red Magic Bottle. Fall down the pit and then again, after this the pit will go on forever [you'll keep falling onto the same floor].  To end it fall on a ledge to the right. Go right, past the Lava until you reach an area with a pit, across from it is a 1-up since, you can't get it after you beat the pallace [Since it becomes encased in stone] go ahead ang get this 1-up. Fall down the pit and quickly press right on the + Button, to land on the floor with the boss. If you aren't quick enough and fall down another floor, then you'll have to go leftuntil you reach an elevator and then back right until you reach the pit again. Continue going right, after you land on the correct floor, to reach the boss.

Boss: Barba
Suggested levels: LIFE 8        ATTACK 8    MAGIC 4 [or higher]
Of course use SHIELD and JUMP, then be sure to avoid the lava that the dragon emerges from, and his fireballs that she shoots out.

Now I reccomend saving; if you don't want to die press START on Controller #1 to pause the game, then press the A button and UP on the + to bring up the save menu, without dying.

The Locations of The 1-Ups:
1. The cave that leads from Northern Hyrule [the area where you start] to Southern Hyrule [The contient with Mido and Saria] has a swamp next to it, that contains a cave, this cave has a hidden area near it that hides a 1-Up.

2. In Southern Hyrule go to the area with the graveyard and along the SouthWestern coast to find a hidden 1-Up.

3.In the Eastern side of the forest next to the dock that leads to Maze Island.

4. In SouthEast Hyrule, in the swamp there is a 1-up just slightly SouthWest of the cave enterence.

5. Once a stat gets to Level 8, chose for it to gain a level and you'll instead receive an extra life.

After getting all of the lives you need as well as all of the spells and getting your stats all to at least 6 go to The Great Palace. Tp get to it, in SouthWest hyrule, go past the graveyard to the left; there is a different colored trail. Follow it. On the path you will notice that there are some invisible areas where you will automatically encounter fights, to avoid these time it so that you meet up woth a wandering enemy [or better yet a wandering fairy] at the same time you land on of these invisible spaces. you will face the wandering monster rather than the invisible area's enemies. You still have to fight, but the enemies aren't as diddicult and there aren't the difficult jumps, either.

Once you reach the Great Palace the real challenge starts.

  7th Pallace
[Great Pallace; Pallace of Spirit]

In this pallace, there are many, many Bots [Blue Jellies], every sixth bot that you defeat will win you a Red Magic Bottle. Take these chances to refill you're life with the LIFE spell and then get the bottle, so that you have full Life and Magic.

First, go to the right until you reach the elevator ride down to B!, then go to the left and down another elevator. Now go to the left again and down that elevator. Go to the right, until you reach an elevator and head down it. Go clear to the left then go down and turn right to reach another elevator. Go down this one, turn right, past the lava until you reach another elevator. Go down it, turn left, and keep walking until you fall through an invisible pit. Go to the right until you reach another invisible pit and then go right again to reach the boss, Thunderbird.

However, before you encounter Thunderbird you will find two mini-bosses; King Bot and Blue Bird that you must deal with. On King Bot just attack him as quickly as possible, and on Blue Bird stay on the blocks to the upperleft of him and crouch down then attack, to stay out of his range.

NOTE: If you get a game over in the Great palace and select the CONTINUE option then you'll be able to start from the Great Palace rather from North Castle.

Boss: Thunderbird
Suggested levels: LIFE 8        ATTACK 8    MAGIC 7 [Or higher]
As soon as Thunderbird comes on screen ust the THUNDER spell, this will expose his face. Now jump up and slice his face whenever you get the chance. Remember that you can't harm him when he's red. And be sure to cast the SHIELD and JUMP spells.

Once you've beaten Thunderbird...CONGRATULATIONS! You've won right?
Wrong! Now for the final boss...

Boss: Ganon- Shadow Link
Suggested levels: LIFE 8        ATTACK 8    MAGIC 8
Shadow Link is pretty tough. Sit in a corner ans attack him is quickly as possible, make good use of your shield and cast the SHIELD and JUMP spells. Save your remaining magic for healing yourself.

NOTE: If you get  a game over while fighting Shadow Link then you won't have to defeat Thunderbird again.

Congratulations! now you've truly beaten the game! Watch the ending and then you can play on your file starting at the beginning, but with all of your levels and spells still!