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The Legend Of Zelda II Review
The Legend Of Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link
Released sometime in 1987
Size Unknown
3 Save Files [NES]
Approx. Playing Time:30 Hours
Preview: Upon Link's return to Hyrule after defeating Ganon and restoring the Triforces of Wisdom and Power, he finds out that Princess Zelda has been put under a sleeping spell. As he apraoches his 16th birthday, a strange marking identical to the triforce appears on his hand. Link learns that there is a third triforce, and that Zelda will awaken only when all three triforces are joined together. Impa hands him six crystals telling him that he must return all six crystals to their rightful spots in the six palaces in order to gain access to the hiding spot of the Triforce of Courage.
Note: Difficulty has no outcome on the game's final grade.

The characters are fairly clear and easy to see. and the backgrounds are typical for the what you'd expect for a 1987 NES game. The graphics look a great deal like those of Battle of Olympus[Especially Link and BOU's hero].

The sound is good as is typical for Zelda games and the music is even better. The sound in this game and in the original Legend Of Zelda are about equal in quality.

Play Control=8.1
Link bounces and slides to much when he's running or hit by an enemy plus it is easy to accidently attak with a Up or Downthrust while your jumping.

Specials, Inginuity, and Replay=9.6
There are few games that can even begin to compare with the Gameplay of The Legend Of Zelda II. This game is a truly creative blend of Action and RPG elements.

Challenge=8.5 Advanced Level
Although some of the bosses midway through the game are pathetically easy, some of the later bosses, and even regular enemies can be quite difficult indeed.

This game is immensly different from any other Zelda game but is still very good, especially compared to some of the NES' other RPGs, Action and RPG fans will both like this game.

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