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Crystalis Items and Spells
Consumable Items
Name        Effect
Medical Herb    Restores some Hp
Fruit of Power    Restores some Mp
Magic Ring    Restores all Mp
Opal Statue    If equipprd, it revives you when you die
Antidote    Cures Poison
Fruit of Lime    Cure Petrification
Fruit of Repun    Cures Transform
Lysis Plant    Cures Parallyisis
Warp Boots    Lets you teleport to previous towns

Name        Attack Power
Wind Sword    +1
Fire Sword    +2
Water Sword    +4
Thunder Sword    +8
Crystallis    +16

Name        Defense Power    Special Effect
Tanned Hide    +2        None    
Leather Armor    +8        None
Bronze Armor    +10        None
Platinum Armor    +15        None
Soldier Suit    +18        None
Battle Armor    +20        None
Ceramic Suit    +24        None
Psycho Suit    +32        Slowly restores Hp

Name        Defense Power    Special Effect
Carapce Shield    +2        None
Bronze Shield    +6        None
Platinum Shield    +8        None
Mirror Shield    +12        Protects against Petrification
Sacred Shield    +16        Protects against    Parallysis
Ceramic Shield    +18        Protects against    Fire
Battle Shield    +20        None
Psycho Shield    +32        Protects against all special attacks

Name        Mp Cost    Effect            Learn From
Refresh        2        Restores six Hp        Zebu
Paralysis    4        Stuns the target        Zebu
Telepathy    8        Speak with the sages    Tornel
Teleport        20        Visit previous towns    Tornel
Recover        24        Removes harmful status    Asina
Barrier        5 per second    Protects from projectiles    Asina
Change        20        Transform into people    Kensu
Flight        3 per second    Hover in the air        Kensu