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Chrono Cross Review
Chrono Cross
Released Summer 2000
2 CD's [Playstation]
Memory card save
Analog compatible
Dual shock compatible
Approx. Playing Time:40 Hours
Preview: Serge, a 17 year old boy. Sets out one day to get a necklace for his girlfriend, however on the way back he falls unconscious and awakens to a world in which he died as a child. Every trace of his existance has vanished. Now he must set out on a quest to return to his own world and destroy then enemy that caused this imbalence in time and space.

The graphics, normal graphics as well as cinemas look a great deal like Final Fantasy 8's in terms of quality. The backgrounds and map screens are also of high quality.

The sound and music is wonderful, as is expected from Square soft games, but it sadly just isn't as good as Chrono Trigger's although there are some of the games do share a few of the same songs.

Play Control=9.4
The characters move quite smoothly and the controls are fairly easy to adjust too, although the battle controls and setup are somewhat awkward at first.

Specials, Inginuity, and Replay=9.2
Several new systems are introduced in Chrono Cross such as the Elements and new Battle system, however they seem quite complicated and take a while to get used too, I personally liked CT's setup better.

Challenge=7.2 Difficult level
Although the bosses start to become somewhat difficult midway through the game, overall Chrono Cross was quite easier than I had expected  it would be.

This game is a really great game, Chrono trigger was a bit better in my opinion, but this game definately not one to pass up. I like even better then some of the Final Fantasy games.

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2. Legend Of Mana
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4. Final Fantasy 8
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