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Final Fantasy 8 Magic
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Life Magic
Cure        -Recovers a portion of your Hp.
Cura        -Recovers more Hp.
Curaga        -Recovers a whole lot of Hp.
Death        -Kills of the target.
Holy        -Sacred energy blasts the target.
Life        -Revives the ally with minimal Hp.
Full-life        -Revives the ally with full Hp.
Regen        -The target recovers Hp after every turn.
Zombie        -The target turns undead.
Fire Magic
Fire        -A small flame harms a target.
Fira        -A firey tornado hits the target.
Firaga        -A massive fire blasts the target.
Flare        -A huge blast of nuclear energy hits a target.
Ice Magic
Blizzard        -A small ice chunk pounds a target.
Blizzara        -A large icicle strikes a target.
Blizaga        -A massive glacier strikes a target.
Water        -A bubble encases the target.
Thunder Magic
Thunder        -A small bolt of lightining strikes a target.
Thundara    -A larger bolt slams a target.
Thundaga    -A massive bolt shocks a target.
Aero        -A small gust hits a target.
Tornado        -A huge cyclone slashes the target.
Time/Space Magic
Haste        -Speeds up one target's ATB gauge.
Slow        -Slows down one target's ATB gauge.
Stop        -Stops one target's ATB gauge.
Quake        -A large tremor rocks multiple targets.
Demi        -A sphere of gravity cuts a target's Hp by 25%.
Double        -Allows the target to cast a spell twice.
Triple        -Allows the target to cast a spell thrice.
Support Magic
Esuna        -Removes all negative status on the target.
Dispel        -Removes all positive status on the target.
Protect        -Physical damage to the target is reduced.
Shell        -Magical damage to the target is reduced.
Reflect        -Bounces back magic cast on the target.
Drain        -The target loses Hp and the caster gains Hp.
Aura        -The target can use limit breakers more often.
ST Magic
Bio        -The target suffers damage and may be poisoned.
Break        -Turns the target to stone.
Blind        -The target misses more often.
Silence        -The target can't use spells.
Berserk        -The target can only use physical attacks.
Sleep        -The target can't do anything until awoken.
Confuse        -The target will also hit allys.
Pain        -The target is poisoned, blinded, and silenced.
Meltdown    -The target suffers non-element damage and gets Vit.0.
Forbidden Magic
Meteor        -Earth/Wind element damge hits random targets.
Ultima        -A huge blast of magic strikes all targets.
Other Magic
Float        -Lifts the target above ground avoiding earth magic.
Scan        -Shows the target's Hp, weaknesses, and statistics.