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Final Fantasy 8 Triple Triad Guide:
How to get the rare cards and a few strategies to use

1.How to play
4.The card levels
5.How to get the rare cards [Lv 8-10]

  How to play: Triple Triad is played on a 3 by 3 mat or board,  the beginner is randomly chosen and puts down one card the 2nd player than places one down. If a card is ever placed to another card and the placed card has a higher numeric value than any surounding card[s] then that lower card[s] is "flipped", and will become your color. Whoever has the most cards that are their color at the end wins.

Termology: A few terms I'll use.
Score: A single rating of a card such as the left right top or bottom value.
Total:The total score when all 4 scores are added together.
Average: The score's average. Find it by dividing the toatal by 4.
Deck: The five cards you play with.
Level: The strength category a card belongs to.
Elemental:A fire,ice,thunder,earth,wind,water,poison,or holy based card.
S = score T = toatl A = average E = elemental L or Lv=level

Trade rule - one: The basic rule; which alows you to gain one card from your oponent if you defeat them.
Trade rule - all:This rule lets you get all of your opponent's cards if you defeat them in a card mach.
Same: Cards that have an equal number rather than a higher value can flip over a card.
Open: You can see your opponent's cards as you play.
Sudden Death: You keep playing until someone wins, however if it results in a tie than you each lose a card.
Elemental:There are random elements scattered around the board. If a elemental card lands on the matching element then all of it's scores go up by one, however if a card lands on the element and it doesn't match then all of its scores go down by 1.
Plus: If two values on opposite sides of a caed are higher than two matching sides on the opponent's card then it's flipped.
Same Wall:A more complex version of same in which you may flip multiple cards.
Random:My least favorite rule, where your cards are randomly chosen.

The card levels: There are 10 levels of cards, the higher levels are stronger.
Note: I count A's as 10's.
I didn't include Pupu in L5 since he's the only L5 w/ S=A or A=4

Level 1: Enemy [weak en.]weakest Lv. S=1- 6 T=10-13 A=2.5 - 3.25
Level 2: Enemy [md/wk en.] a quite weak level. S=1- 7 T=12- 15. A=3 - 3.75
Level 3: Enemy [med. en.] a stil weak level.S=1-7 T=16-18 A= 4--4.5
Level 4: Enemy [md/st en.]much better than L1.S=1-7 T=17-20 A=4.25 - 5
Level 5: Enemy [strong en.] the middle level.S=1-7 T=20 - 22 A=5 - 5.5
Level 6: Boss [weak boss]a begining adavnced L. S=1-8 T=20-23 A=5-5.75
Level 7: Boss [strong boss]semi-advanced Lv. S=1-8 T=23-25 A=5.75-6.25
Level 8: GF [weak GF] A quite strong level. S=1 - 9 T=23 - 26 A=5.75 - 6.5
Level 9: GF [strong GF] A very strong level. S=1 -A T=25 -27 A=6.25 - 6.75
Level 10Character[playble people]strongest Lv.S=2-A T=26-29 A=6.5-7.25

Level 5
After getting the Ragnarok fly over to the Winhill Bluffs, it's easiest if you put someone on the Encounter None skill. Even though you have Encounter None equipped you'll still run into a UFO. After this happens go to Mandy beach [It's just south of Timber] you'll runinto the UFO again, Then go to the Kashkabald Desert [go on an island on the east side of the Centra Ruins] here you'll run into it a 3rd time. Head to the Trabia Heath Peninsula, [it's east of Trabia Gardens], you'll run into the UFO a 4th time here, now go to the Plateau just north of the Grandidi Forest's Chocobo forest, this time you'll fight the UFO, use Diablos to greatly weaken it then use regualar hits to finish it off. Now finally go to the crater where Blamb Gardens used to be before it became mobile. Make sure someone has the Item command and that you have at least 5 Elixirs. You'll run into the alien and he'll ask for Elixirs, give him 5 of them in total and he'll give you his card in return.

Level 8
Chubby Chocobo:
Take part in the Queen of Cards sidequest [at the end of this section].

Win it from Watts of the Forest Owls, either on the Train or the White SeeD Ship.

Take part in the CC group sidequest [Explained at the end of this section].

Mini Mog:
Challeng the man jogging around the hall in Balamb Gardens.

Must go to every Chocobo forest and complete each puzzle then go to the Chocobo Sanctuary.

Win this from Mayor Dobe at fisherman's Horizon.

In the Timber Maniacs building pick up The Girl Next Door Magazine and give it to Zone on the White SeeD Ship.

Defeat Ifrit in the Fire Cavern.

In Dollet chalenge the Manager of the Pub on the 2nd floor and win, then challenge him again in his other room and win again.

Defeat Minotaur and Sacred in The Tomb Of The Unknown King.

Defeat Minotaur and Sacred in The Tomb Of The Unknown King.

Level 9
Take part in the CC group sidequest [Explained at the end of this section].

Get the Magic Lamp from Cid in Disc one and use it to summon Diablos, then defeat him.

Take part in the CC group sidequest [Explained at the end of this section].

Defeat Odin in the Centra Ruins.

Challenge the Hotel owner in Balamb.

Defeat Cerberus in Galbadia Gardens in Disc two.

Challenge Piet the head technician at the Lunar Base. Or at his wreckage site after you leavethe Lunar Base [The Wreckage Site is South of Tear's Point].

Take part in the Queen of Cards sidequest [at the end of this section].

Defeat Bahamut [Explained in the GF's section].

Take part in the Queen of Cards sidequest [at the end of this section].

Defeat Ultima Weapon [explained in the GF's section].

Level 10
Challenge Dr. Odine.

Take part in the Queen of Cards sidequest [at the end of this section].

Challenge Ellone in the Launar Base.

Win it from Selphie's friend near the Gargoyle statue in Trabia Grdens.

Win it from any one of the Treppies. [ The treppies are the 2 girls in 2nd floor classroom and the daydreaming guy in the Cafeteria].

Take part in the Queen of Cards sidequest [at the end of this section].

Visit Zell's Mom in Balamb and challenge her.

To win it, challenge General Caraway in Deiling. He won't use this card though, unless you lose your Ifrit Card to fim, to make sure he takes your Ifrit Card, make all of the other cards weaker than Ifrit. He'll then use the Rinoa card, to get back your Ifrit card win it from martine at Fisherman's Horizon.

Win it from Edea.

Win it from Cid.

Win it from Laguna.

Queen Of Cards Sidequest:
You can either get these cards from the actual sideques or from the Queen Of Cards herself in Disc 4. The latter is much quicker. In Disc 4, find her by getting the Ragnarok and going south of Esthar to the Abadan Plains, she's at the same place where Piet's carsh site was in disc 3, there is no visible sign of the crash site from the world map.

CC Group Side Quest:
You must finish this Sidequest before Disc 3. If a member says that he/she won't play against you then it means that you must win some more card games then. Challenge the CC Group in the following Order.
Name     Location                    Rare Card
Jack    In the Balamb garden hallway near the Enterence.    None
Club    Randomly  appears near the Cafeteria.        None
Dimond    A pair of female students near where Jack is.    None
Spade    On the 2nd floor near the elevator.            None
Heart    On the Bridge [contols, where Nida is].        Carbuncle
Joker    Appears randomly in the Training Center        Leviathan
King    Talk to Nida, beat Dr. Kadowaki,take a nap in dormGilgamesh