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About me
Okay all you blonde [or brunette] females between the ages of 14 and 18 read this....[Well anyone can read this just that category in particular.]

Name: it starts with an Seth


Age: 16

Height: 6' 1"

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Light Brown

Birthday: March, 19, 1986

Grade: 10th

Location: Oregon, U.S.

Things I like: Video games, Anime, GIRLS, writing, reading, comic books,  Creme savers, Fritos, Bruce Lee movies, Brandon Lee movies, Taco Bell,
Gummy bears, strawberries, fireworks, drawing, skateboarding,

Things I DO NOT like: Back street boys, country music, N Sync, People that complain too much, Sour cream, Ranch dressing, Hansen, Spice Girls, Stupid movies that my sister watches on Disney channel, internet ads, short e-mails,

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My e-mail:

[E-mail me please, especially if your a blonde or brunette .... female.....
well, evn if you're not just e-mail me. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.....]