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Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy 4 is my favorite Final Fantasy game ever. Many consider it and FF6 to be the two greatest FF games ever. In Japan it was so popular that it was released in two versions Easy and Hard. The version we got in America known as Final Fantasy 2 was pretty much the Easy version. FF4 was somewhat of a revoultionary game it was one of the first rpg's for the Super NES. It was  the first FF game to have characters with defined personalities, the first FF game to have cinema scenes, the first FF game to use the standard control settings [A = confirm, B = Cancel, X = Menu], and was the first FF game to have a main character. Up to this point you had started with several characters at the begining of FF games. FF4 has one of the finest cast of characters, some of the coolest music, and one of the all out gretest story lines ever seen on an rpg. It is definately worth playing. In fact it is my second favorite video game ever [my favorite being Zelda 3].

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