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Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy 9 marked the return to the traditional style of Final Fantasy games. It follows along the lines of swords and sorcery, mages, callers, dragoons, kinights, mp, and castles all return as well as the crytstals. FF9 did away with the junction, limit breaker, and GF systems. A much simpler version of learning abilities [similar to the JP system in FFTactics] replaces the GF abilities. Limit Breakers are replaced by Trances, and GFs are replaced by traditional summon monsters, known as Eidolons. The only thing I dislike about the game at all is some the character's appearances [mainly how Brahne, Steiner, and Quina look]. All in all though I like FF9 more then most of the other Ff games [all but 4,6, and 8], and every magazine I've read so far has agreed with me.

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