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Who is the coolest FF main character?


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Alright, so you came to RPG Legends. I hope you're not dissapointed. This marks the two year anniversary of RPGL, and in that time I've added a lot to it. So I hope that you can find what you need. If you have any ideas for new Game sections that I should add, or anything else for that matter than feel free to e-mail me. And be sure to sign the guestbook. I hope you find what you need and thanks for visiting my site.

           RPG Legends Webmaster

Game sections that have Bitmap Image next to them are completed [meaning that they will have no further information added to them becuase they already have eveything you'd need for that game in them].

If you want to borrow anything from this site, just e-mail me letting me know and give me credit on your page as well as a link to mine, that's all I ask.

What will be up next time I update:
Complete versions of Breath of Fire II, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 9, and Super Mario RPG.