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Breath of Fire II Walkthrough
This walkthrough is by Scott Schimmel, not by me [though I did slightly change this at some points liek who to give the chop chop attack to still all credit for this walkthrpugh goes to him]. Because of that some of the names [of Shaman transformations and such] may be slightly different than what I've called them on my site, if your confused at any part and don't know what to do then just e-mail me and I'll help you out.

  Chapter 1: Suzy
Characters: Hero, Bow

     The game begins in the village of Gate. The Hero i is sent after his sister. Climb the mountain to the north of the village. There will be a fight, but if the Hero is about to lose, Ganer will rescue him. After the cinema scene, the Hero must decide whether to go to sleep. If he doesn't, he misses a scene, but the game is not otherwise affected. When the hero climbs back down the mountain, he finds that nobody in town recognizes him. Ganer and Yua are gone. In the church, the Hero meets Bow. The two leave the village and, when the storm starts, head for the nearby cave. Follow the tail until you are forced to confront the demon.
    After you lose, the game will skip forward several years, and you will find yourself (and Bow) in HomeTown. Elder will assign you to go after Mina's pet Suzy. Do not cross the bridge outside yet, and do not enter the mountain until level 3. In the first room in the mountain, you will discover a healing spring. Fight until you reach level 6 or 7, then go on. After exiting the top portion of the cave, you will see a ramp. Heal yourself if necessary before climbing the ramp. At the top, you will face three harpies. This is a tough fight, but in the second round, the three will attack each other, giving you a little time. Each harpy has about 40 HP. Most of the time, the three will attack the Hero, so have Bow cast DefUp on him. After winning the fight, proceed to the left. You will end up causing a landslide, entering another cave, and falling into a hole. When you land, talk to Azusa, the hunter. Leave the mountain, and head west to the Ruins.
    There, you will have to fight six Pests and a giant Roach.This isn't too hard, although the Roach sometimes gets up when it's killed, forcing you to fight several more rounds. Once you've finished everything, you'll retrieve Suzy. Head back to HomeTown (it's much easier with the new path, isn't it? ;) and enter the Ranger's Guild. You'll receive your reward for completing the job, and Bow will ask you to return to your room. You'll be forced to agree.

  Chapter 2: The Coliseum
Characters: Hero, Rand, Katt

     During the night, Bow will answer a knock on your door. It's a man named Kilgore, with a job. Bow thinks about waking the Hero, but decides against it. He leaves. When you wake up, you find that Bow is now a robbery suspect! Wander around HomeTown, and talk to all the guards. When you've done this, return to your room to confront Bow. He gets an idea--he will hide in the trashcan, and you'll carry him to the Ruins! Do so. Niro agrees to hide Bow, if Bow will help him fix the place up. Bow reluctantly agrees, and asks the Hero to chase down the real female thief and clear his name. Asking about strange women reveals that a winged woman is at the Magic School, and a woman fighter is at the Coliseum. You can't do anything about the Magic School for now, so leave HomeTown and head east and north to Coursair.
    At Coursair, go to the Pub at night. (You can wait till nightfall by talking to the man behind the bar, if you arrive during the day.) Speak to Rand, who tells you the opponent is always Baba, a lumberjack from TagWoods. TagWoods is north of Coursair. Make sure you have agood supply of Herb. Make your way through the forest to confront Baba. He won't give up without a fight. He's not very tough, but he can counterattack, so don't let your HP drop too low. After the fight, he gives you his Axe. With this, you can pretend to be Baba and enter the fight.Return to Coursair and talk to Rand again.
    Before you enter the Coliseum, deposit all your money in the Bank. Once you're in, you'll have to beat the Dir.HR in order to see Augus; that's not a problem, but be sure to heal yourself after the fight, so you don't go into the arena with low HP. Talk to Augus, then go to your dressing room. Don't open the treasure chest yet. Wait for Rand to appear and speak to him. Agree to give him all your money. He will leave. Watch the cinema scene, then take your pay.
     Enter the arena. Katt doesn't believe your story about Augus's treachery, so you'll have to fight her. Katt is faster than the Hero, so time your healing spells accordingly. When you win, the poison needles will begin to fly. *You can move during this scene!* If you reach Katt quickly, you can give her the Antidote! You'll wake later at the Inn. If you weren't fast enough to give Katt the antidote, she will be knocked out by the poison, but you'll be ok.
    Rand, shocked that the story was true, joins you. If you managed to give Katt the antidote, she will also join you! You can't let Augus get away with this... Go back to Augus. He will transform into a demon and attack. If you still have the FireRock from Mt. Fubi, this is the time to use it. The Hero is faster than Augus, and Rand is slower, but it's usually better to have the Hero attack and Rand cure. If you have Katt, use her speed well--either to use an item or to fight. Augus gets two attacks per round. He can also cast Cure1 if his HP start getting low, and he can 'store strength' to make his next attack do greater damage.
    Once you win, leave the Coliseum. If Katt had been poisoned, a man will tell you to go see her, and you'll be transported there as a cinema scene begins. Ray, the priest of St. Eva, has revived Katt... and she's mad at you. Eventually, you'll straighten things out. Rand will ask you to take him to the hideout, where he can work as a handyman,and Katt will tag along, trying to make amends. Time to visit Niro again. This time, Rand stays,but Katt will be sent to help you track down the female thief (and keep her out of the way ;). Remember the winged girl at the Magic School? It's time to check that out. Go back to HomeTown.

  Chapter 3: Nina and Mina
Characters: Hero, Katt, Nina

    You'll see a breakin in progress at Magic School. Before you can do anything, Nina will use her magic to stop it. She then goes inside. Follow her (after promising Katt that she too can learn magic). Inside, once you find her, you'll watch another cinema scene. A man from the Joker Gang forces Nina to go with him by threatening her sister Mina. Katt volunteers to follow them. The Joker Gang's hideout is the cave near Coursair.You'll have to kill one Hood to get in, but the others in the first cave won't attack. (There are also no other encounters in that cave.)
    You can't get to the treasure yet, and Win, who lives in the top left extension of the cave, is useless for now, so head to the top right. The guard who keeps the gate asks you for the boss's nephew's name. If you get it wrong, you have to fight him to getthrough. The correct name is "Palin". The next gate keepertells you the switch is in a hole. It isn't, and you'll be attacked by a poisonous spider and a Hood. Unfortunately, you can't avoid this fight. The spider has far more HP, so take out the Hood first. Descend and make your way through the dungeon. (Besure to get the SilverDR.) You'll enter a room where the boss, Joker, is confronting Nina. He tries to force Nina to become his slave, but Katt will intervene, rescuing Mina. Katt and the Hero will face a fight with four Hoods; if they win, Nina joins the party. Nina buries Joker under rock, but Joker becomes a demon and breaks loose.
     The three will have to fight him. Afterwards, Nina insists on taking Mina back to Windia. Katt offers to join her (dragging the Hero along ;).Windia is north and west from Coursair. Once there, work your way through the maze and into the castle, where the Queen will thank you and escort you out into the town. Strangely enough, she doesn't seem to recognize Nina... ;) You'll be told you need a highlander with long arms to get back across the cliffs. Where could you find such aperson? As you're about to go explore the town, a magic show begins.

  Chapter 4: Capitan
Characters: Hero, Katt, Nina, Sten

    It's Sten the magician! And he makes the Hero disappear. But when the show's over... where is the Hero? Watch the cinema scene. Now that Sten has joined you, you can go back across the cliffs. Do so if you need to; otherwise, head for Capitan, to the west of Windia. Make sure you have a good supply of Antdt, as the Deathpede has a poison breath attack that can poison all four characters at once. When you arrive at Capitan, you learn that a child has fallen down the dried-up well, and most of the villagers have gone down to look for him and not returned.
    When you descend into the well, you'll meet Ray, who's come to investigate. He kills a large insect (Creon) and explains a little to you; then, another one appears, knocks him aside,and attacks you. Creon is fairly deadly, because of its Eggbetr double-attack. After each time you fight one, heal yourself as much as possible. If any character dies, go to the inn and rest if you can, otherwise use a Life PL. You'll need all your strength here. After the first fight, agree to help Ray. He'll lead you to a cavern, and get attacked by a Creon. (This blocks the way back to town.) Go ahead to look for the boy, as he requests. He's in the cavern at the end. Get the treasures first, but be careful of the Creons.
    After you talk to the boy, a large monster will attack. This monster can attack all four characters at once, and can control acharacter to force him to attack himself or another party member. Watch your HP, and have Nina cast spells. Once you win, the cavern will start shaking. Ride the turtles back across.
    Ray will meet you and tell you that the cavern is flooding. He will put up a barrier to hold the water and ask you to rescue all the villagers. Go through the cave, talking to the people. If a villager attacks you, don't kill the villager! Kill the monster on his face and the fight will end. Katt should be able to kill them easily. You'll also face one or two more Creons, but free as many villagers as you can. Then return to Ray and tell him you've freed them all. Ray will let down the barrier and the water will wash you out of the well and into Capitan.
    Ray wants to thank you by granting you the Renew spell (revives the dead for 10 AP). Take him back to the hideout, and talk to all your characters. Decide who togive it to. Rand and Bow will learn it on their own (Bow as early as level 20!), the Hero needs his AP for dragonattacks, and Katt doesn't have the AP. Sten has fewer AP than Nina and  is less useful as a character. I generally give the spell to Nina. Once you've decided, Ray bestows the spell and departs.
    Head back to Capitan. Have the Hero speak to the girl dressed in red, who is standing near the Inn. She pulls him away from the party, and takes him to the forest north of Capitan to meet Granny. This is the Fire Shaman Sana. When she attempts to unite with the Hero, she fails, but awakens the Dragon power. The Hero learns FirePuppy, IcePuppy, and T.Puppy, and burns down Granny's house in the process. Granny and Sana ask the Hero to find them another one, so you're headed back to the Hideout.
     Return to Capitan and speak to the man who's standing where Sana was. You'll be transported to the hideout. Granny will take over the room next to Niro's,which Bow and Rand built. She'll ask for remodeling, but Bow and Rand aren't professional enough... you'll have to return to Capitan to find a carpenter.
     There are three carpenters: The one in the fancyhouse (top left) will build a pub whose patrons keep track of game stats, if you invite him to the hideout. The one in the house on poles (top center) will play an Othello game with the Tolen medals, in which you can win prizes such as the ThunderST and TigerSD. The one in the normal houses (top right) will cook items, sometimes producing valuable items. The cook/carpenter is the best, since youcan produce items that raise stats. The gamester/carpenter is fun, and also provides valuable items. The bartender/carpenter is good for curiosity value, but no tmuch else. (He can also raise a character's condition toSuper for 500 GP.) Once you've chosen a carpenter, you can also catch the boat, to take you across the water.

  Sidequest: Chopchop

     The Chopchop technique is elusive. To get it, you must visit the Wild Cat Cafe BEFORE you learn about the witches' party. The best thing to do is to wait until defeating Nimufu and breaking Jean's curse. Then, use Jean's frog form to swim down the waterfall and acquire the Dragon spells for the Hero. Visit the Wild Cat at this point--the dragon attack makes the chef much easier to beat.
    MAKE SURE YOU READ AND FOLLOW ALL OF THE SIGNS! If you don't, the chef won't teach you Chopchop; you'll only get a meal that raises your characters' HP. Yes, this does make the fight against the chef much harder; that's why the dragon spells help.
     After beating him, go into the back room and talk to him. Forgive him for attacking you, and admit to being soft-hearted. Voila! He teaches one of your characters Chopchop! The Chopchop technique is extremely useful for Katt to have. It costs 0 AP to cast (that's right, -nothing-), and it does 50-80 damage regardless of the enemy's defense. It's very useful against those creatures that only take 1-2 points from weapons.

  Chapter 5: Usurper
Characters: Hero, Sten, Rand, Nina, Jean

    After crossing the water and entering the woods, the party comes upon a giant frog. It asks them to travel to the Witch's Tower and get the Witch Nimufu to lift the curse that traps it in that form. At the south end of the lake is a campsite where youcan rest for free. There's also a Dragon Statue there. Go there first. Most of your characters should be in the level13-15 range before you go to the Tower. It's best to take Sten and Nina to the tower (to power them up), and Rand (for healing). Katt could be substituted for Sten, but Sten will have a solo adventure fairly soon and will need the experience.
     Travel north to the tower. Make sure the Hero is in the lead, then step on the door plate and fight the guardian monsters three times. The door will open. DON'T pick up the treasure in the first room, or the door closes again! (There's nothing in the chest anyway.) Climb the Tower.(There's a treasure to the left, but the main tower is to the right of that first room.) Nina should probably lead, to guard against falling in holes. When you reach a room with five platforms, choose the one on the far left to continue your ascent. The one on the far right will take you to the Water Shaman, but she will not join you until you defeat Nimufu. The one on the middle right will allow you to cross to the stairway leading down into the treasure room. You can go there on your way out. Climb the Tower.
     You should reach Nimufu without much difficulty. You'll have to fight her. She can cast spells, but it's not hard to defeat her. (You might want to use a Dragon Attack, but it's not necessary.) Once you win, she'll break into tears and tell you that the curse on the frog can be broken if a girl kisses it. Go back to the frog, with either Katt or Nina in the party. Speak to the frog, with one of them in the lead. A cinema scene reveals that the frog is really... Jean. He will join you. At this point, put Jean in your party, since you only have him for a short time.
     Transform into a frog, and swim through the lake to the west of the woods. Behind the waterfall, there's a hidden cave where you'll pick up a Soklet AR and a Kamikaze BL, and the Hero will learn the next set of Dragon spells, FireDragon, IceDragon, and T.Dragon. This set attacks all enemies, not just one. It also does more damage. Now swim through the lower lake, to SimaFort.You'll enter the castle, and Jean will be captured by an imposter Prince. The Prince promises you money and a boat,and sends you out of the castle. But before you reach the boat, Princess Petape sinks it. There's a long cinema scene, in which she'll enlist your aid and give you the Gills.
     Leave the castle and return to the campsite to add a fourth member to your party. When you return, go to the dungeons to face the guard Leader. When you win, you can speak to Jean. Jean can prove he's the real Prince if he shows the Royal Ring. Unfortunately, he gave the ring to Nimufu. Nimufu is no longer at the Witch's Tower; she's attending a party at the Wild Cat Cafe. This is the cave to the west of the waterfall. Go there to find her. You'll be forced to leave all your items behind at the door. Each room after that has a sign with instructions. If you choose not to follow the instructions,you must fight a Bouncer in order to proceed to the nextroom. The instructions tell you to do such things as remove your helmets, trade in your armor for napkins and weapons for forks, and so on.
    The final instruction will ask how you like your food prepared. Answer Rare. You'll find yourself inside a giant oven... OUCH! The party will take 20 damage if they chose rare, 40 if they chose medium, and 80 if they chose well done. If you don't choose, all party members are reduced to 1 HP! After the damage is done (and before you get a chance to heal), the Chef enters.
    When he sees that you're still raw, he tries to chop you up. You'll have to fight him. Afterward, if you've done everything correctly (see the Interlude above), the chef may ask you whether you're angry at him for trying to charbroil you. Even if you are,choose No. He will then ask whether you're soft-hearted.Choose Yes and he will teach one person his Chopchop attack.This is a 0 AP attack spell, and is very useful fo Katt through the middle of the game.

*The cook only asks you these questions and teaches Chopchop before you hear about the witches' party, so you may wish to go to the Cafe earlier in the game, to get this.*

    It is very useful! If you haven't done everything correctly, you'll usually be given a meal that raises your characters' HP. Not a bad consolation prize, but Chopchop is far better.
    After you've dealt with the cook, proceed through the door into the cafe. Nimufu is in the restroom, and has dropped the Royal Ring in the toilet. You'll have to go after it. (This is a recurring theme in the game.) Go into the cavern(!) beneath the toilet, retrieve the ring, and exit. Leave the Cafe (be sure to talk to the man at the door to retrieve your items) and return to Jean.
     Petape takes Jean to the King to show him the RoyalRing, but it seems the imposter also has one! Jean has to prove his innocence some other way. He challenges the imposter to a cooking contest. But he needs ingredients... The party proceeds to the roof, where they should help the soldier. After doing so, go back downstairs and speak to the model, Fiolina. She will run to his side. Return to the castle roof and talk to the guard, and ask for Information as your reward. (You'll get the money anyway. ;)
    Using the key the guard gives you, unlock the door. Jump onto a bucket to descend into the dungeons. Inside, you'll immediately confront the Gold Fly. It has a powerful attack and can counterattack, so be careful. Fortunately, it has a weakness: Air attacks. Use Sten's Bomb and Nina'sTornado.
     After a few rounds of combat, it will stop the fight and fly away, taunting you. Follow it to the left. Just as you're about to reach a bridge, you'll be forced to fight a gigantic water worm. The worm is possibly the toughest enemy of this quest, as it can put party members to sleep, can hit all members at once with an attack, and has a powerful normal attack. Heal whenever necessary. Once you win, you'll capture the Worm's Meat, one of the ingredients you need.
    Retrace your steps. Leave the castle and rest at the campsite if necessary. Also buy more healing items in town.Go back into the dungeon and take the right path from the room where you first fought the Fly. You'll have to thread your way through two rooms filled with vicious, inedible Blue Roaches in order to get to the Fly. At there end is the Giant Roach, the second ingredient Jean needs. It's much easier to beat than the worm, since it damages only one party member at a time. After defeating the Roach, you'll finally corner the Gold Fly. You'll have to fight it again, and it's tougher this time, but Bomb and Tornado still work.
    Once you win, return to Jean with the ingredients, and the cooking contest is on. Of course, the usurper isn't going to risk his crown on a fair contest. He threatens the master chef, with the result that he is declared the winner. Petape, distraught at the thought of the impending executions, decides to blowup the castle. She runs off, and both Jean and the false Prince Jean follow her.
     The Hero should enter the bathroom wih the wall switch (near the kitchen) and pull the switch. A secre televator descends to the dungeon level, giving the party access to a corridor to the right. Inside, they find a wounded Jean, and go onward to confront Petape and the prince. The prince is really a demon, and attacks the party. Afterward, angry at his defeat, he finishes triggering the procedure Petape had started.
     Jean enters and tells you not to be alarmed. The console isn't an explosion control after all, but the key to the secret treasure of SimaFort. The party can obtain theSoleSD now. (This weapon occasionally "Toasts" an enemy, killing it with one blow.) Petape and the king thank the Hero for his help, and Jean decides to join permanently.

Chapter 6: Trout and Whale
Characters: Hero, Katt, Sten, Rand, Jean, Bow

    With the usurper defeated, the frogmen of SimaFort release Patty, the bat-winged thief. Return to HomeTown andspeak to the guard at Trout's house. Bow's name is now clear, and he will rejoin you. Kilgore asks to talk to him. Go to TownShip for Bow, return with Bow leading the party,and speak to Kilgore. He will give you the magic hood, allowing you to understand the language of Tunlan.
     Tunlan is the next objective, to rescue the GrassMan, Spar, from the carnival. But first, you'll need to cross the ocean. Head back toward SimaFort. Then, with Jean leading, transform into a frog and swim downstream past the trees, to the W.Cape. (Just follow the signs. ;)You'll have to descend into the cave. Make sure Katt is inthe party. It's also a good idea to have either Bow or Rand along for healing, and Sten or Jean for combat ability.
    Magic isn't as useful here. You can use the dragon statue at W.Cape to change your party members. If Katt is in the lead, she can break the flimsy gate in the cave with her staff. Do so, and jump into the hole. You'll meet an old man and a pair of dolphins, who tells you you're inside a sleeping whale. You've got to wake it up, and to do that, you have to go to the stomach and get rid of the Stone Doll that's put it to sleep.
     If you need to exit to heal, return to the whale's mouth, and the dolphins will carry you out. Encounters here aren't too bad. This is a good place to power-up Sten for the Highfort scenario. Make your way through the whale. Straight paths take you the proper directions; side branches are dead ends, but occasionally hold treasures. You'll confront the Stone Doll, which isn't a very tough enemy, although it can put the party to sleep.
     Once you've beaten it... nothing happens. The whale still hasn't awakened. Make your way back towards the mouth, and have Katt hit the whale's Adam's apple with herstaff. If the Doll is gone, this will wake the whale. The whale (Grandpa) will thank you for waking it up,and tell you to borrow the Whale Bell from the old man on the beach. Do so. The party can now summon Grandpa by standing at any beach and ringing the bell by pressing A.Most of the world is open for exploration.

  Sidequest: Bleu

    You can acquire the secret character, Bleu, any time after you awaken Grandpa. Travel to the desert in the far southeastern corner of the world. You will see a ramp that allows access to the southern part of the desert. Get off of Grandpa at that point, and go north a short distance.Look for what appears to be a spiral shape in the sand.This is the remains of Wisdon. Enter. Speak to the spirits, and you'll be told that Bleu has gone out.
     Where could she have gone? Turns out she's a little rusty after all those years; you'll find her in the Magic School in HomeTown, disguised as a student.(Earlier in the game, she says, "Fascinating. We didn't have magic like this when I was young.") Once you've been to Wisdon and subsequently spoken to her, she will shed her disguise and (forcibly) join your party.

  Chapter 8: Spar
Characters: Hero, Nina, Sten, Rand, Bow, Bleu

    When you arrive at Tunlan, you find that the magichood allows you to understand the musical language, but youare unable to speak it. Later, you'll need to do something about that, but for now, ignore it. Go to see the carnival outside the city. Hmm, the Grass Man isn't an attraction any more, and the ringmaster will feed it to a demon! Unless, of course,you can offer him money some other way. He'll take either 90,000 zenny or an Uparupa.     Uparupa like to eat OwlFruit, and some monsterhunters near Capitan have what you need. Go to their house (south and east of Capitan). You'll find it empty. Proceed through the back door into the forest. You'll hear singing... and if you follow the music, you'll find a strange girl. It turns out to be a vicious monster and attacks the party. There are three enemies here. The central monster usually attacks a single party member for massive damage, or regenerates one of the smaller monsters. The smaller monster further to the right of the screen casts Cure2; the one to the left casts Thunder. It's important to get rid of the Thunder-casting monster quickly, and to try to keep both smaller monsters dead (the big one can revive them). Having Bow equipped with the Dual Bow helps. Nina and Sten should both have area attacks (S.Boom, Flame) to use in the early rounds. Sten can use items in later rounds. If Nina stil lhas no area effect spells, you may want to recover Bleu and take her along instead. When you win, you'll be able to pick five OwlFruit. Hope it's enough!
     The Uparupa live in a water-filled cave near Coursair. The only way to enter the cave is to ride a whale in. Encounters in the cave are on the difficult side, but it's a short cave. You'll quickly find yourself in the Uparupa's Cave, where there are no enemies except Uparupa. To lure an Uparupa, put food in front of its hole and back up a little. When it comes out of its hole, wait until it gets its food, then quickly run and 'speak' to it. It will attack. Uparupas do not attack physically, but they have a devastating counterattack. Only the Hero should attack physically; others should use spells, since they probably cannot do enough damage physically.
     The correct Uparupa to take is the furthest one along the left-hand path. (ThisUparupa is at the top center of the over all cavern.) When you beat the correct Uparupa, it will not disappear as others do, but will instead try to communicate something. You have a choice: You can keep it or let it go free. If you let it go, you will receive a better sword.You should let it go. (If you don't do so immediately, you can return later to free it, and still get the sword.)
     Return to the carnival tent. The ringmaster will ask whether you've brought the coins or the Uparupa. Answer that you brought nothing. (This choice is only given after you catch the Uparupa.) He will become enraged and attack... after transforming into a demon. When you win, you'll be able to free the Grass Man, Spar. He will join your party. He'll also tell you to go to the west and talk to the Great Tree Gandaroof.