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Breath of Fire II Items
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        PAR        Other

Name        Effect
Herb        Casts Cure
Help Ball     Casts Cure 2
Extract        Casts Cure 4
Vanilla Extract    Casts Cure 3
Moon Drop     Casts Cure X
Biscuit        Casts Cure X and Defense up X
Wise Fruit    Recovers 20 Ap does 20 Hp damage
Wise Ball    Recovers 100 Ap
Antidote    Cures Posion
Tear Drop    Cures Zombie
Vitamin        Cures Curse
Cure All        Casts Heal
Life Plant    Casts Renew X

Beef        Casts Cure
Meat        Casts Cure 2
Chicken        Casts Cure 2
Roast        Casts Cure 4
Spare Rib    Casts Cure 4
Tendon        Recovers 20 Ap does 20 Hp damage
Antler        Cures Poison
Egg        Casts Renew X

Sardine        Casts Cure
Unagi        Casts Cure 2
Pile Worm    Casts Cure 4
Tuna        Cures Posion
Snapper    Casts Heal
Minnow        Recovers 20 Ap does 20 Hp damage
Mackeral    Does nothing at all
Bait        Reduces target's Hp to 1