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Breath of Fire II Township Guide
Township Guide        Cooking Guide

  Township Guide
First I suggest that you get the treehouse carpenter. even though i personally liek the look of Ranch houses better on BoF II, this way you can use those Tolens you've collected.

Name        What they do
How to get them                Usefullness

People available for first house

Poo        Sells Moon Drop for  for 100 Zenny later in the game
[Found on the second floor of Corsair's Pub]    Semi- usefull

Kay        Makes your team temporarily immune to Poison
[Found in the church in Corsair]            Semi- usefull

Heckeller     Opens up a good armor store with rare items
[Found in house next to yours in Hometown]    Very usefull

Watts        Opens up a riddle dojo it gives hints on how to find Bleu
[Found at the carnival]                Not very usefull

Back        Temporarily increases the team's defense
[Found at Guntz's Armory]            Semi - usefull

People available for second house

Leminton    Opens an armory with differnet items
Found at house to the left of Capitan's entrance    Very usefull

Maclean    Gives you access to secret fishign spot
Found on the beach by the whale cave            Very usefull if you like to fish

Bockden    Opend up a dojo
Found in the cave to Gate            Semi -- usefull

Pechiri        You're bank account goes to Zero. Be nice to get it back
Found on top floor of Theive's Tomb        Utterly useless

People available for third house

Woopie        Is a fortune teller
Found in Home Town's church            Utterly useless

Azusa        Takes you to a special hunting place
Found in Mt. Fubi                  Very usefull if you like to hunt

Macotti        He is a homeless bum and says he'll repay you someday
Found in the bathroom in Corsair's pub     Most useless guy you can recruit

Baretta        Opens up a very nice Weapon shop
Get her in the Armory in Windia            Very usefull

Akky        ????
Talk to it when you have katt in Shamon transformation, found in house by the Great Tree.                            It's a Cat, it can't do much

People available for the fourth house

Locker        Gives your houses nice paint jobs
Found in house to the right of Capitan's entrence    Semi - usefull

Karashnikofu    Opens another armory [Barretta is much better]
Found in Guntz's back room            Semi -usefull

Barose        Teaches you new spells must have 1 Hp and 0 Ap to use
Found in child town in the Great Tree. Must have all six houses already constructed.                      Very usefull [more than you'd think]

Garber        Temporarily increases the party's attack
Found in Farm Town                Semi - usefull

People available for the fifth house

Martin        Don't give him 3000 Zenny and he might give you 5000
Found in Tunlan's Inn                Not to usefull, actually

Hanz        Makes a very very good Item shop
In the house next to the Hero's in Home Town    VERY usefull

El        He promises to guard Town ship    
Near the Dream Pillow in Tunlan            Utterly useless

Yozo        Talk to him 57 times then talk to him a lot when he's in your house to raise  one  character's max Ap by 16 [only works once]
In the Maze in Windia                Sounds good but actually I wouldn't get him

People available for the sixth house

Surfy        Opens up a Bank
Found in Tagwood    Semi - usefull, there's many toher banks to use though

Sumner        Opens up a sound test room
In Tunlan                    Semi - usefull

Daiye        Opens upa fishing shop
Found in Windia's Inn                Semi - usefull

Salvador    Makes cool statues of the peopel in your party
Found in Sima Fort                Semi - usefull

  Cooking Guide

One of the Caprneters [Mayeb the Ranch one? Whichever one it is you should actually get them not the Tree hosue one]

Most combonations will result in Charcaol which is very useless but you can get soem really good stuff with the right combinations

To get this Item.....            Give these Item[s]
                    [Give him one of each Item                     unless there is a different                     number in front of THAT item]

Resulting in Recovery Items:

Herb                    2 Charcoal
Help Ball                4 Charcoal
Extract                    3 Help Ball
Life Plant                2 Extract
2 Life Plants                2 Extract, Urchin, Worm

Resulting in Battle Items

Frizbee                    Life Plant, Cure All, Antidote

Resulting in Fishing Items

Urchin                    2 Worm

Resulting in Etc.

Gold Bar                3 Dinker 1 Shrimp

Resulting in PAR's [Permanate Attribute Raisers]

Dinker                    2 Cure All, Help ball, Life Plant
Power Food                2 Medicate
Miso Soup                4 Fire Spice
Luck Candy                2 Cure All, Help Ball, Life Plant