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Breath of Fire II Magic
Magic List    Character Magic List        Notes

Name        Ap    Effect            Target

Cure        4    Restores 40 Hp        Single
Cure 2        7    Restores 100 Hp        Single
Cure 3        20     Restores 120 Hp        All
Cure 4        14    Restores full Hp        Single
Cure X        50    Restores full Hp        All
Renew        10    Revives ally [30% failure]    Single
Renew X    20    Revive ally with full Hp    Single
Cure Poison    4    Cures Poion and Zombie    Single
Heal        8    Cures all status ailments    Single

Spark        4    Fire attack; 25 damage    Single
Flame        12    Fire attack; 60 damage    All
Fireball        20    Fire attack; 120 damage    All
Cold        4    Ice attack; 30 damage    Single
Freeze        10    Ice attack; 100 damage    Single
Hail        17    Ice attack; 100 damage    All
Tornado        5    Wind attack; 30 damage    Single
Bomb        6    Wind attack; 40 damage    Single
Typhoon    14    Wind attack; 80 damage    All
Missile        26    Wind attack;150 damage    All
Thunder        6    Bolt attack; 25 damage    All
Sonic Boom    11    Bolt attack; 50 damage    All
Bolt X        30    Bolt attack; 180 damage    All
8.0        14    30 damage; misses birdsAll
Death        8    Kills enemy [may fail]    Single
Angel        12    Destroys undead    All

Hush        5    Prevent from using spells    Single
Idle        6    Paralyze enmey        Single
Power Up    6    Increses Offense    Single
Defense Up    5    Increses Defense    Single
Defense Up X    10    Increses Defense    All
Agility Up    4    Increases Agility        Single
Shield        6    Increases Magic defense    Single
Power Down    5    Lowers Offense        Single
Defense Down    5    Lowers Defense        Single
Agility Down    4    Supposedly lowers Agl.    Single
Sap        5    Absorb 1-30 Hp        Single
Drain        0    Absorb 1-30 Ap        Single

Time Warp    0    Changes time of day    All
Smoke        6    Run into fewer battles    All
Exit        8    Escape battle        All
Warp        8    Take to previous towns    All
Anfini        0    You'll know when to use it ?

Dragon Spells
Fire Puppy    All Ap    Deals up to 256 damage    Single
Ice Puppy    All Ap    Deals up to 256 damage    Single
Thunder Puppy    All Ap    Deals up to 256 damage    Single
Fire Dragon    All Ap    Deals up to 512 damage    All
Ice Dragon    All Ap    Deals up to 512 damage    All
Thunder Dragon    All Ap    Deals up to 512 damage    All
Golden Dragon    All Ap    Deals up to 999 damage    All

Secret Spells
Chop Chop    0    Deals 50 to 81 damage    Single
Boombada    20    Cuts enemy's Hp in half    All


Only works 70% of the time, the other 30% it misses

Push a button right as it ends and the spell will power up and do more damage [puppies will follow the spell]

Bomb / Missile
These are actually Wind elemental attacks

Bolt X
Press a button right as it ends to power it up [screen will flash]

The percent of this working varieson the enemy's Hp and the caster's Will it does not work at all on bosses, or enemies that Angel works on

Is somewhat influenced by random luck ; won't work on bosses or enemies that Death would work on [only works on undead enemis]

Hush / Idle
May fail. They work a random percent of the time.

Power Up
Doubles Offense [raises it up to 511] Lasts throughout battle.

Defense Up / Defense Up X
The target's defense ir increased by 120%. Lasts throughout battle

Agility Up
Increases chance of dodging attacks. Lasts throughout battle.

Power Down
Atatcks with weapons only do 7/8 the damage as usual. Lasts throughout battle.

Defense Down
Attacks with weapon do double the damage to target. Lasts throughout batlle.

Agility down
This spell actually does nothing. it does not work.

Sap / Drain
The amount that these spells drain varies from 0 to 30 depending on what percent of their Hp or Ap the caster has left and what percent the target has left.

Puppy / Dragon Spells
I have read that these spells actually have no elemental basis to them, that if an enemy is weak to fire that Ice Dragon or Ice Puppy will harm them just as much as Fire Dragon or Fire Puppy would.