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Breath of Fire II Cast
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Age: 15
Race: Dragon Clan
Weapon: Sword
Skill: Guts [Restore lost Hp]
Ryu is the main character of the game. He is one of the last remaining survivors of the Dragon Clan. Ryu is also a great fighter in battle and has really strong physical attacks along with super powerful dragon spells.

Age: 15
Race: Cobalt
Weapon: Bow
Skill: Shot [Destroy enemy in one hit]
Map Skill: Hunt [Canuse his bow to attack in hunting grounds]
Bow is Ryu's best friend. He is an orphan and meets Ryu when they are only five years old. He actually has the best defensive magic in the game, making him a very valuable character in your party.

Age: 20
Race: Armos
[I'm unsure of what it's really called but it's an armadillo like creature]
Weapon: Knuckle
Skill: Wake [Awaken sleeping allies and do minimal damage to them]
Map Skill: Roll [Move quickly and won't encounter enemies, hard to steer]
Rand works at the Colloseum at Corsair. Though he may look menacing is actually very kind. Rand has very strong physical attacks and though it may seem weird, he actually has very good healing magic.

Age: 14
Race: Woren
Weapon: Staff
Skill: Dare [Attempt to decrease the enemy's attack power]
Map Skill: Strike [Use staff in hunting ground and to ram certain objects]
Katt fights in the colleseum. Her and Bleu are the only two characters who's past is a mystery, all of the othe rcharacters at least have their hometown reveled. She has a very high attack power but very low Ap.

Age: 17
Race: Fae
Weapon: Ring
Skill: Will [Restores lost Mp]
Map Skill: Fly [Can summon great bird during a small part of the game and can fly over pits in certain areas]
Nina is the Princess of Wyndia. Nina is banishe from her own kingdom because she has black wings [they look purple to me, though]. She has low attack and surprisingly no healing magic but very strong attack magic.

Age: 18
Race: Highlander [a moneky man!]
Skill: R. I. P. [Tricks enemies into thinking he's dead]
Map Skil: Reach [Grab onto posts to cross cliffs]
Sten is well.... a con man. He is running away from his past his haunts him. He doesn't have very high attack power and his magic is sort of like Katt's, he's only useful when he's in a shaman transformation.

Age: 16
Race: Amphibian [I'm not sure if that's what they're really called]
Skill: Jab [damage is split among enemies]
Map Skill: Transform [Turn into a big frog, you can move quicker and encounter fewer battles]
Jean is the prince of Sima Fort. A witch cast a spell on him, which transformed him into a giant frog. He's not that strong physically, his magic is mainly status based.

Age: 22
Race: Dryad
Skill: Green [Uses the plants in the background to attack enemies]
Map Skill: Forestry [Talk to great trees and guide party through forests]
Spar is a very quiet character. On his jorney to save the trees he got caught and put into a carnival side-show. He is actually probably over all, the most useless character, with a low attack power and onlay a few strong spells.

Age: ??? [Let's just say that she looks really good for her age]
Race: Naga
Skill: Shed [restores a very small amount of Hp sort of liek Guts]
Map Skill: Zap [Turns all of the enemies on the hunting ground into Charcoal, which is useless].
Bleu is an ancient sorceress from the original Breath of Fire. She is the hidden character of BoF II. Her attack power is the lowest out of all the characters, but her battle magic is even tronger than Nina's.